First 5K

Los Angeles Marathon
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I have wanted a 5K for awhile. A mixture of fear and indecisiveness has prevented me from doing one up until now. Am I ready? What if I embarrass myself? What if I keel over and pass out by the side of the road? What is the right race? A big one or a small one? What should I wear? I may be the queen of second guessing.

This afternoon a runner in my office mentioned the Seasons 52 5.2 K. N is a really nice guy who is a super positive person. His excitement really made me feel like this is something I can actually do. He ran the race last year and told me how nice is. It runs through a pretty part of Winter Park that has lots of cute shops and older architecture. This was all the encouragement I needed.

I hope this race will be just the beginning. That I can have a positive experience and feel good about accomplishing something. Here is to two weeks and finishing.

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