Back in the saddle

Today was I was able to crawl out of the funk known as the six day head cold and actually run. It felt really good. Just to be on the safe side, since I still feel a twinge of cold, I ran very slowly (11:30 per mile) through my neighborhood for 30 minutes. This way if I still felt off, I could turn around and be home. 

04 10 11_0196
After the run I made a smoothie.
04 10 11_0199 
04 10 11_0202

Some sprouted toast with almond butter.
04 10 11_0203Now I get to put together an entertainment center for my office. I would like to turn this:
04 10 11_0204 

and this:
04 10 11_0205 Into this:

Hopefully my furniture assembling skills have improved since the hose caddy that still mocks me from the back patio.

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