Do you Yoga?

I want to learn. I have purchased a few beginners DVD’s and tried to follow along but I think attending a class with a teacher who will give me more personal attention would be better. Looking into different studios in the Orlando/Kissimmee area and I find myself overwhelmed with the type Power/Bikram/Flow/Hatha?! Not sure which direction to go.


In other news, how can you take a Friday (the most glorious day of the workweek) and improve it?

1. Make it a Friday before a three-day weekend.

2. Allow your employees to wear jeans.

3. Give your employees free food,

I will be having all of those things tomorrow and it should prove to be a great day.  

Do you do Yoga? What type?

2 thoughts on “Do you Yoga?

  1. it took my runners brain a long time to accept the slower pace of yoga, but oh my gosh I love it now!! i do all different types

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