Running Around Saturday

I tried to get up early enough to get in an eight mile long run this morning but I may have stayed up to late catching up on Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen it, you really should check it out, it is an excellent show.So a late start plus a meeting at noon means my runs was cut short.

Pre-run fuel Ezekial bread plus almond butter and cinnamon.

05 28 11_0391

Cinnamon and nut butter goes together like Tail in his house on the bed.

05 26 11_0407

I ran in my favorite park which was very quiet this morning.

05 28 11_0399

Back home for a quick shower and more food.

Shredded wheat, Uncle Sam’s, Wheat Germ, Strawberry Kefir, and Blackberries.

05 28 11_0408 

Throwing on clothes and running out the door now. Looking forward to checking out a local resteraunt that looks amazing but I have never been to. Stay tuned for that post.

Did you get in the workout you planned today?

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