Emeril’s Orlando and Dad’s Day

Last night J and I went to Universal City Walk.


Not sure when the last time we went the but it has been a long time.

We walked around a little looking for a place to eat. Then looked at the menu for Emeril’s Orlando and were sold.

I started with a beer. Not sure of the name but one I had never tried before. I only had the one with still being sick.


I was not that hungry so ordered a salad (Emeril’s Salad) which was really good. Love sundried tomatoes.


I also had flat bread (White Truffle Confit Cremini Mushrooms, Gruyère Cheese, Black Truffle Emulsion). Yum but huge had a ton to bring home.


J had the tasting menu which included many courses.





Plus a dessert which was really good (pecans, cream, and cheese cake).

Overall, I give Emeril’s Orlando a big thumbs up especially for a theme park restaurant..

Happy Dad’s Day to my Dad! We don’t get to see each other much but I enjoy our chats.

2 thoughts on “Emeril’s Orlando and Dad’s Day

  1. That food looks so good! Good thing it's almost lunchtime cause it's making me hungry.

    Love the new layout (if it's really new, I haven't clicked over from my reader in a while so I could have been there for a while & I wouldn't know…)

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