Good and Bad

Let’s start with the bad. My computer died today. If my life were a movie, it would have sparked and smoke would be billowing from it. There is some good though, I have a brand new computer in the wings. J built me a computer for Christmas but it still needs a few finishing touches to be up and running .Until then, I’m stuck using his computer.

The good. I won a pair of socks. It was a giveaway from RuntoTheFinish. I was able to pick out a pair of socks from SocksAppeal.

Why did I wait so long to get some nice running socks? These socks are amazing! My feet were barely sweaty after my run today, barely sweaty after running in 100 degree Florida heat. Now that I have learned my lesson, I will be purchasing more socks and using the 15% off coupon that came with them. 

Tail says that all of his days are good days.

Did anything good or bad happen to you today?

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