May in Review

May was filled with good times.

Bern’s Steakhouse 


Great memories.

Two Years Ago Today

A 5K for charity that was a ton of fun.

Run 4 Dreams Race Report

My mileage was on target.


I got a lot of workouts in.


Getting a Garmin is helping me stay on track for my goal of running a half in November. It is also helping me get a feel for how fast (slow) I am actually running.

Goals for June 

  • Start adding a day of hills on June 12. That is about a year since I started to run.
  • Continue increasing my mileage until I start Half training at the end of July. Would like to see all weeks be double digit mileage weeks.
  • Cross train on non-running days. Make sure to keep this varied to beat boredom and keep from getting to used to anyone one set of exercises.
  • Run at least one race in June.

Did May turn out the way you hoped? What are your goals for June?

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