Of Dogs and Birds

If you read yesterday’s post, you know the story of the stray dog who took up residence in our yard. The good news is that J was able to find a couple to take her. They foster and rescue animals of all kind. We are both sad to see her go but know she will have a good life with a nice family. 

06 04 11_0468

06 04 11_0463

06 04 11_0459

The pigeon who has lived in our guest bathroom since November also found a home. He will be dropped off today or tomorrow.

06 04 11_0477

06 04 11_0490

06 04 11_0495

With all this animal business today, my run got pushed back to very late in the day. I drove out to Celebration which was lovely but it was 90 plus degrees with pretty much no wind.

Cool office building in Celebration.

06 04 11_0499

Retention area.

06 04 11_0501

Palm trees.

06 04 11_0502

More birds.

06 04 11_0503

Tree lined street.

06 04 11_0504

How has your weekend been?

4 thoughts on “Of Dogs and Birds

  1. Don't tell him that he might try it on strays he finds on the streets. Really it makes me proud to be married to someone who has such a big heart.

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