Bar Louie and the return of J

J was in LA last week for E3. It was nice to have the house to myself but I missed him. (Not as much as the cats who spent nearly the entire week sleeping and moping around.) It just goes to show, I am only second best to those cats to J. He came back yesterday morning and we were able to have a nice evening on Saturday.

We went to Bar Louie in Dr. Phillips for a casual dinner before a movie.

J had the Buffalo Style Crispy Calamari for an appetizer. He thought it was different and he really liked it. 

We split chips with guacamole, salsa, and queso.

I had the Grilled Veggie Wrap. It was huge and I only could eat half but it will be good for lunch today.

J had The Luigi which is shaved ribeye, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and olive oil.

We had a good time even though some of us needed more prompting than others. Smile for the camera J.

After dinner we went to see Super 8 on the IMAX at Pointe Orlando. It was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Does your city have upside down buildings? Orlando does.

I also spotted police officers on horse back give someone (in a car) a ticket.

Now I need to head out the door for some grocery shopping. Stay tuned for my next post on running my first 15K. I am working on putting together a training plan (the race is the end of September) but have never raced anything longer than a 5K so I’m nervous/excited.

What did you do on Saturday?

Good Bread

I love to bake. I love the feel of it and the simplicity of baking bread.

I have a sourdough starter at all times in the fridge. This weekend, I decided to refresh it and start on the four day odyssey which is Basic Sourdough Bread from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

It was a success.

I generally eat sprouted bread, so eating white flour sourdough is such a treat.

The recipe makes two loaves. I kept one at home and brought the other into work. Nothing like the appreciation co-workers give you when you ply them with food. Compliments on my baking/cooking always make my day.

I had a lot of the loaf left over and decided it was french toast for dinner. I cooked some apples with cinnamon and honey on top of Greek yogurt for a side. The french toast is of course topped with Vermont maple syrup because this New Englander only eats the real stuff.

Today was my rest day and I really needed it. This week has been long but Friday is just around the corner.

Good and Bad

Let’s start with the bad. My computer died today. If my life were a movie, it would have sparked and smoke would be billowing from it. There is some good though, I have a brand new computer in the wings. J built me a computer for Christmas but it still needs a few finishing touches to be up and running .Until then, I’m stuck using his computer.

The good. I won a pair of socks. It was a giveaway from RuntoTheFinish. I was able to pick out a pair of socks from SocksAppeal.

Why did I wait so long to get some nice running socks? These socks are amazing! My feet were barely sweaty after my run today, barely sweaty after running in 100 degree Florida heat. Now that I have learned my lesson, I will be purchasing more socks and using the 15% off coupon that came with them. 

Tail says that all of his days are good days.

Did anything good or bad happen to you today?

Abs of Steel

I do not have them.


Let me start again, I love my body. I am at a comfortable weight and like how I look in my clothes but as someone who is Insulin Resistant and has an irradiated thyroid, getting rid of the last bit of chub around my middle is a challenge.

There are two things that I can do to really get a jump start here:

1. Eat cleaner.

2. Really ratchet up the exercise.

The Fitnessista is doing a Summer Shape Up which includes a workout plan plus grocery lists. Her meals look so yummy that following the plan for a few weeks might be just what I need.

Reevaluating fitness and health goals are important to keep things fresh. I need to remind myself of this or I will get stuck in a rut. 

What are you doing to take your fitness goals to the next level?

Can you ever eat too much Italian food?

J and I had a late dinner on Saturday after some errand running and animal rescuing. A new resteraunt opened in a shopping plaza near our house called Posner Park. There are not many locally owned restaurants in my area but I am always excited to try a new one.

06 04 11_0518

I ordered a Blue Moon. The beer list was actually pretty good for a small place. The offered more than your typical Bud/Coors/Corona which is always nice.

06 04 11_0505

They served us two types of bread and both were delicious.

06 04 11_0506

Oil for bread dipping.

06 04 11_0508

J had the Palazzo Insalata which had chopped greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, and Italian dressing. It was very good. They had an extensive list of side and entree salads that sounded good.

06 04 11_0510

Spinach artichoke dip which was very tasty. It tasted fresh and not as if they opened a can or reheated an already made portion.

06 04 11_0512

My meal was the Shrimp D’Oro. It had: shrimp, crimini mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and spinach. It had a light butter sauce on it that was really well seasoned. I loved the addition of the mushrooms which was unusual but very good.

06 04 11_0515

J had the Shrimp Scampi. He liked it.

06 04 11_0516

We of course ordered Connolis to go. They are my favorite dessert of all time and could never turn them down on a menu.

Overall, we both enjoyed this new resteraunt and will eat here again.

Of Dogs and Birds

If you read yesterday’s post, you know the story of the stray dog who took up residence in our yard. The good news is that J was able to find a couple to take her. They foster and rescue animals of all kind. We are both sad to see her go but know she will have a good life with a nice family. 

06 04 11_0468

06 04 11_0463

06 04 11_0459

The pigeon who has lived in our guest bathroom since November also found a home. He will be dropped off today or tomorrow.

06 04 11_0477

06 04 11_0490

06 04 11_0495

With all this animal business today, my run got pushed back to very late in the day. I drove out to Celebration which was lovely but it was 90 plus degrees with pretty much no wind.

Cool office building in Celebration.

06 04 11_0499

Retention area.

06 04 11_0501

Palm trees.

06 04 11_0502

More birds.

06 04 11_0503

Tree lined street.

06 04 11_0504

How has your weekend been?


If you know me, you know that J and I love animals. Tail and Alia (our cats) are treasured members of our family. This year, we have started to collect strays.

05 30 11_0436 05 07 11_0300

We have a racing Pigeon that lives in our guest bathroom.


This pigeon was wandering aimlessly in the cul-de-sac near our house when he started to follow J up to our front door. The pigeon stood there for awhile and he became concerned that it may be injured or hungry. He also noticed that the pigeon had an identifying bracelet on its leg. We tried to track down the owner but they did not want him back. We contacted animal sanctuaries, pigeon clubs, and message boards of pigeon fans but cannot find a good home for the pigeon.

So until we can find a suitable home for the pigeon, its permanent residence is in the guest bathroom.

Today when I was watering my garden, I noticed a dog laying down in our backyard and leaning up against our house. The dog did not seem aggressive but I slowly walked back into the house. J had seen the same dog earlier and was pretty sure it was a stray. The dog is a pit-bull and did not have tags, so we are afraid to call animal control because they may euthanize what seems to be a friendly dog. I grew up with pit bulls and am not afraid of them but know the way people view them and how difficult it will be to find a place to take this dog. I did check if there were any Pit-bull rescues in the area but they are at capacity and unable to take any more dogs.

I do not know what to do. The poor dog is skin and bones. We put out cat food and water which the dog ate voraciously. I plan to pick-up dog food at the store tomorrow but am stumped as what we can do for this dog. 

Does anyone know of a rescue in Central Florida who would pick-up this dog?

Dinner on the quick

06 01 11_0451

  • Veggie Wrap
  • Guacamole
  • Assorted greens
  • Veggie Burger (I used a Morningstar Black Bean and Corn Burger)
  • Guacamole
  • Jalapeño Pepper
  • Side of corn

Even J had one.

In other news, Adam from The Boring Runner is hosting a Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K virtual race on June 25th. I want to participate because while it is hot in Arizona, it is hot and humid in Central Florida. 

Have you ever participated in a virtual race?

May in Review

May was filled with good times.

Bern’s Steakhouse 


Great memories.

Two Years Ago Today

A 5K for charity that was a ton of fun.

Run 4 Dreams Race Report

My mileage was on target.


I got a lot of workouts in.


Getting a Garmin is helping me stay on track for my goal of running a half in November. It is also helping me get a feel for how fast (slow) I am actually running.

Goals for June 

  • Start adding a day of hills on June 12. That is about a year since I started to run.
  • Continue increasing my mileage until I start Half training at the end of July. Would like to see all weeks be double digit mileage weeks.
  • Cross train on non-running days. Make sure to keep this varied to beat boredom and keep from getting to used to anyone one set of exercises.
  • Run at least one race in June.

Did May turn out the way you hoped? What are your goals for June?