Dinner and a Movie

Good morning!

Last night I got to see Cowboys & Aliens which was awesome but before that had a dinner experience that was not great.

Yesterday, I had entry four in the Hotter than Hades Virtual Half-Marathon. I slept so late on Saturday, that my run was done at noon,  it actually was hotter than Hades.


(Can you see how sweaty my arm is? Was really gross.)

Looks like I have 2.83 miles to go to finish this virtual race.

We headed over to Pointe Orlando and decided to give The Oceanaire Seafood Room another shot. Being New Englanders, J and I love seafood, so when this restaurant opened a few years back, we were excited to try it. The experience was not pleasant, from very slow service, to a table that blew cold air directly on us and our food. I do like to give any restaurant, especially one that has such good reviews on Yelp, a second chance because it could have just been an off night.

Big mistake. We arrive around 7:30 and the place is pretty dead, especially when you compare it to the packed Capital Grille next-door. We are seated right away which is great because we are both starving and want to make it to the earliest movie showing possible. Drinks are ordered right away and come out at a reasonable about of time. The Oceanaire uses two waiter teams, so there was a bit of confusion about whether we had ordered drinks already but it happens and it was not an issue. Waiting to order, we sat for about 30 minutes. During this time, we did not see either waiter. When we finally order, it takes about 10 minutes for the salad to come out. It was a really delicious anchovy salad with truffle oil dressing.


It took another 30 minutes after the salad for our entrees to come out. These entrees should not have taken this long.

J had Alaskan King Crab Legs. This was supposed to be a pound but compare that to the pound he ordered last week.

016Vacation Anna Maria Island 042

I had grilled Salmon with corn and lobster salsa. I would guess my dish sat under a heating lamp because it was just warm and not really hot. 


Side of matchstick fries which were very good.


I asked for the check as soon as a waiter came by to check on our food. Even still, we did not get out of this restaurant until 9.

If this had been a Chili’s or Friday’s, this service would not have bothered me but this restaurant is on the pricey end. The food was just ok and the service really left much to be desired.

On a more positive note, Cowboy’s & Aliens was awesome.

If you like this.



You will like it. It was exciting and fun. There are aliens and Daniel Craig is hot.

What do you do when you have a bad restaurant experience? Have you seen a movie recently that you really liked?

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