Present to myself

I had a hard time getting my butt outside for a run today. It might be the heat or just general laziness but I was finally able to convince myself.

It was hot. It was sticky. Halfway through UPS brought me a present that was perfect for a hot, sticky run.

Bondi Bands!

I ordered three from Tina at Carrots’N Cake through Open Sky. Not only does my hair get in my face while I run, I am a heavy sweater and there is nothing fun about sunscreen dripping into your eyes.


After my run. (Yes, I am awesome at taking pictures of myself. Look how hard I am concentrating)


Worked like a charm and would highly recommend.

Sadly, during my run I started to get a pain in my foot and a slight twinge in my knee. Decided to call it and book myself a date with this guy.


I have not used it in awhile and I should be using it.

I think I may need new shoes.


Have you gotten any new running accessories recently?

4 thoughts on “Present to myself

  1. I love it when we can treat ourselves!! I just bought me a new pair of running shoes. I was like a little girl in a candy store!! Love the new head bands!!

  2. Thanks! I need to head over to my local running store this weekend and look at shoes. Don't want to start half training with old ones.

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