What’s For Dinner Wednesday

I am in a food rut. I do all the cooking and grocery shopping in our house and when J will ask me what’s for dinner, I have been going to my old standards. That can get boring and eating a wide variety of foods is so important. (It can also lead to a happier husband.)

someecards.com - I'm a few days more of bland, unleavened food away from my goal weight.                                                  (Source)

I get some of the best recipe ideas from other bloggers and would love to start collecting your favorites and sharing some of mine.

A few of my favorite recipes:

Simple Delicious Quinoa Salad Recipe

Black-Bean Tostadas with Corn Relish

Pasta with Arugala, White Beans, and Walnuts

The EatingWell Taco

Summer Vegetable Frittata

What are your favorite go to recipes?


Half Marathon Training Week Four in Review

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD 40 minutes

Tuesday: Elliptical 30 minutes

Wednesday: Ran 2.79 miles in 42 minutes

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Ran 3.33 miles in 50 minutes

Saturday: Ran 4.27 miles in 1:04

Goal Miles: 14

Total Miles: 10.39

Thoughts: I cannot get myself to workout on the first day of my period (hence the rest day on Thursday of last week.) Not sure if it is hormonal or mental but I just always take that day off every month. I am really starting to like No More Trouble Zones. It is a challenge but in a good way. The different types of ab work is particularly effective in this workout and I am feeling and seeing some results from it.

Plan for Week Five

Sunday: First attempt at a Tempo run. 2.8 miles in 39 minutes. I had a difficult time keeping a 11 minute per mile pace for the two ten minute sessions. This is my first attempt at a Tempo run and I can only hope that further attempts will be more successful.

Monday: Rest

Mileage Goal: 17

Strength Training: No More Trouble Zones and Nike Training Club two times. Planks for my goal of a one minute plank which is number 10 on my 30 Before 30 list.

I am loving the app Picplz which lets people who use an Android (or iPhone) phones share pictures and use different filters on them. It is similar to instagram but those of us not using iPhones can use it. I love the community aspect and how easy it makes sharing your photos. Plus it’s free.

Two of the pictures I took from my run on Saturday.

Early Run

Run Lighter

And of course the star of this blog

Tail Lounging.

How did your workouts go?

Found any cool new apps you would like to share?

Diets For Children

I stumbled across an article that discussed a book that is creating controversy before it has even been published. The book, Maggie Goes on a Diet by Paul M. Kramer, is a book aimed at children from ages 6-12 that follows a fourteen year-old girl who goes on a diet.

The description reads:

This book is about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star. Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self image.

The cover art of the book does not help the authors case that he is promoting healthy eating.



Yes, we have an obesity problem in this country, especially amongst children but is marketing a book to young girls about a girl who goes on a diet, the answer? I think the causes of obesity are so complex ranging from homes where parents have to work multiple jobs and do not have the time to prepare healthful meals to the food deserts that many Americans live in, and cutting Gym and sports programs from schools. These are just a few of causes. I would also err on the side that having young (ages 6-12) girls thinking about dieting, in a society where they are already inundated with images of what is deemed ideal, is not the right way to motivate them to eat well and be active. It is a recipe for disordered eating and low self-esteem.

We can help young people learn about nutrition and healthy habits without shaming them. My town has a community garden. This garden has partnered with local schools to have their kids visit garden, help with plantings, and learn about fruits and vegetables. This is a positive way for kids to learn about food and get exercise. Programs like this one are small ways that we can make a dent in childhood obesity without ever using the word diet.

What do you think about the book?

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

WTF Wednesday

First attempt at driving to work today and was foiled by a screw…

Flat Tire

in my tire. (Minds out of the gutter.)

I changed the tire, put the donut on it, and took it to my local garage. Luckily, they were able to patch it and I did not need to buy a new tire. 

Earlier in the week, I needed to purchase one orange for a recipe. The only oranges available in my grocery store were from South Africa. Let me explain my outrage here, I live in Central Florida. I can see orange groves from my house. I live in a town with multiple orange processing plants. I only buy local produce because it often tastes better, it is better for the environment, and I like to support the local economy. No oranges from South Africa for this girl.

Have you had any WTF moments this week?

How do you feel about produce from other countries or do you try to buy local?


Some days it can be hard to get moving.

Tail Edited

Some days people take scary close up pictures of your face. (After they wake you up from your 45th nap of the day)


I workout after work most days and sometimes it is hard to get my butt in gear. There is cheesy TV to watch (The Lying Game) or countless hours of internet to look at.

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and love looking at the motivating pins on the different boards. These are a few that I particularly like.

You can put this on your couch and will have to look at it while you eat cheese from a can.

Source: etsy.com via Dina on Pinterest


For when you have a training run that is just a little longer than you want to go.

Source: facebook.com via Dina on Pinterest


Sometimes things are just hilarious.

Source: etsy.com via Dina on Pinterest


How do you stay motivated?

Are you obsessed with Pinterest like I am?

Isn’t The Lying Game an awesome show?

Half Marathon Training Week Three in Review

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 4.14 Miles

Tuesday: Elliptical 30 Minutes and Yoga for 20 Minutes

Wednesday: Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones

Thursday: Power Yoga

Friday: 4.37 Miles

Saturday: 4.57 Miles

Goal Miles: 14

Actual Miles: 13.08

Thoughts: Power Yoga is hard! I streamed this workout from Netflix and it was very difficult but in a way that adding this to my regular routine would be amazing. The No More Trouble Zones DVD was a challenge but changing up my strength routine regularly leads to better results. I will be sticking with this DVD for now. My mileage this week was much closer to my goal but still off by a mile. I had planned on running on Thursday but lightening touching the ground in my neighborhood scared me off. Hopefully this week I can reach 14 miles.

Plan for Week Four

Sunday: Rest

Run 14 miles this week follow by three sessions of 5 x 30 second strides. This is my last base building week and then I have a mileage increase and the workouts will vary more. At least one more session of No More Trouble Zones and another go at some Power Yoga.

How did your workouts go this week? Did you try anything new?

Only picture of me from the Celebration of Running 5K. Hot, right? Smile



Click here to help me cross off Number 25 on my 30 Before 30 list.

30 Before 30: Number 25

Number 25 on my 30 Before 30 list is Get prints of my wedding photos and put them in the house. I got married on May 16th 2009, I love my wedding photos but I have not done anything with them. After the wedding and honeymoon, I guess life just started again and I never got around to it. That ends here.

I put together a few of my favorites and would love some input as to which ones to get. I’m thinking one canvas and a few smaller prints that will be framed. Here are the contenders.

Are you as big of a procrastinator as I am?

If you are looking for a photographer in the New England area, we used Erik Maziarz who is amazing.

30 Before 30

On September 28, 2011, I am turning thirty. I am dreading it. (Of course, I know thirty isn’t “old” and life certainly does not end there. Please do not take this list to mean that I feel that way.) This milestone is both exciting and ominous. I want to enter my thirties knowing that I accomplished as much as possible in my twenties. Thirty can be my fresh start. I will chronicle how (if) I accomplish each item and hopefully turning thirty will be happier than scary.

someecards.com - However old you are is the new 30


1. Join a running group and actually go.

2. Find a veggie burger recipe that J and I both like.

3. Get my office decorated and organized.

4. Run a 15K.

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food bank, or homeless shelter.

6. Learn how to sew.

7. Finish a knitting project.

8. Make a soufflé.

9. Paint the house.

10. Hold a plank for one minute.

11. First double digit training run.

12. Do one thing that makes me uncomfortable (like introducing myself to people) and get comfortable with it.

13. Take an exercise class no matter how silly I think I might look.

14. Read Pride and Prejudice.

15. Make macarons.

16. Surprise J.

17. Learn how to use WordPress.

18. Learn basic photography.

19. Revitalize my wardrobe.

20. Write a five year plan.

21. Spend more time with my family.

22. Reach out to an old friend.  

23. Write a recipe.

24. Go dancing.

25. Get prints of my wedding photos and put them up in the house. 

26. One day of complete positivity.

27. Bake a baguette that rivals ones I ate in France.

28. Get an article published.

29. Play music again.

30. Look back with happiness. 

What would you put on your list?

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

Celebration of Running 5K

Before I put a ton of (delicious) cured meats in my face at The Ravenous Pig on Saturday, I ran the Celebration of Running 5K. The race started at 7:30 but every minute that creaped by grew hotter and hotter. Halfway through I was dripping in sweat and wiping my face on my shirt.

The race started at the Orlando Science Museum.

Celebration of 5K


(Can you see me way in the back near the 10 plus minute mile sign in the back?)

The course took you by beautiful Lake Formosa and a place where I used to work. Down one brick lined and pothole filled street. (That was interesting, I kept picturing someone tripping and hurting their ankle.) It looped around The Track Shack and the finish was at the Science Museum.

Garmin Route Map


Garmin Stats


Not sure why it says 3.24 miles. I started my watch when I crossed the starting line and stopped it when I crossed the finish line. Could it have to do with where I am running in relation to the road?

My official times were clock 36:36 and chip 35:29. My goal was closer to 30 minutes but as hot as it was that day, I am happy with my time.

Takeaways: I started out too fast. The first mile was at a 10 minute per mile pace which is speedy for me. I should be in the 11 minute mile range. I ran out of gas towards the end and would have felt better if I had started of slower. 

What are you best race tips?