30 Before 30

On September 28, 2011, I am turning thirty. I am dreading it. (Of course, I know thirty isn’t “old” and life certainly does not end there. Please do not take this list to mean that I feel that way.) This milestone is both exciting and ominous. I want to enter my thirties knowing that I accomplished as much as possible in my twenties. Thirty can be my fresh start. I will chronicle how (if) I accomplish each item and hopefully turning thirty will be happier than scary.

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1. Join a running group and actually go.

2. Find a veggie burger recipe that J and I both like.

3. Get my office decorated and organized.

4. Run a 15K.

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food bank, or homeless shelter.

6. Learn how to sew.

7. Finish a knitting project.

8. Make a soufflé.

9. Paint the house.

10. Hold a plank for one minute.

11. First double digit training run.

12. Do one thing that makes me uncomfortable (like introducing myself to people) and get comfortable with it.

13. Take an exercise class no matter how silly I think I might look.

14. Read Pride and Prejudice.

15. Make macarons.

16. Surprise J.

17. Learn how to use WordPress.

18. Learn basic photography.

19. Revitalize my wardrobe.

20. Write a five year plan.

21. Spend more time with my family.

22. Reach out to an old friend.  

23. Write a recipe.

24. Go dancing.

25. Get prints of my wedding photos and put them up in the house. 

26. One day of complete positivity.

27. Bake a baguette that rivals ones I ate in France.

28. Get an article published.

29. Play music again.

30. Look back with happiness. 

What would you put on your list?

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28 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. Great bucket list!!! I turned 30 less than a month after I had my daughter….too many hormones led to me crying most of the day! However, she was the best way to ring in the new decade!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..HonoredMy Profile

    • Have you run with them?

      I was looking at the Orlando Women’s Runners Club because they do runs in Windermere. Being in Polk is hard because everything is so far away (especially for 7 on a Saturday morning.)
      Dina recently posted..30 Before 30My Profile

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to read Pride and Prejudice! I have seen several movie versions.

    I didn’t make a list for my 30th, but I did run a half marathon to celebrate it. I found one that was in the same month and spent 4 months training for it. It was awesome to turn 30 knowing I was in the best shape of my life. :-)
    Sarah Kiersh (@100CalsPerMile) recently posted..Compression LoveMy Profile

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  5. I will turn 30 myself on January next year. So I know how it feels even though every one says it is just another birthday. I like your list. For me, I want to travel to South America and hike somewhere like Inca trail in Peru before I turn 30 or at least before I turn 31.
    satish recently posted..Health Benefits of SunlightMy Profile

  6. I like the idea of getting a list together, I think I might try it soon. I’ve always tought of things that I needed to accomplish before turning of certain age but I guess having something visual serves as a better reminder.
    Also… I can definately help you with #10 (always wanted to witness one, I could time you, lol) and #24, love dancing, haven’t done it in a while and I’m due for a round :)
    Norka recently posted..Daytona Beach GetawayMy Profile

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