Date Night

After my long day of running and driving to Tampa to visit my family, J and I wanted to eat at The Ravenous Pig but could not get a table. We decided to check out one of the restaurants in the Omni Hotel in Champions Gate instead.

We walked around the hotel and decided on Trevi’s.

The meal started with a roasted garlic clove and butter. Always a winner for me because I love garlic more than I love cake.

Omin Hotel 002

We both had salads.

Caprese for me.

Omin Hotel 006

Antipasto for J.

Omin Hotel 008

The Caprese was good but it is impossible to get that wrong. The Antipasto was OK but   generic. It had all the right ingredients but was missing something.

For dinner I had the Penne Pomdoro Fresca.

Omin Hotel 010

It was just alright. Mostly kind of bland. I cannot remember the last time I salted my food, especially in a restaurant where foods tend to be very salty, and I did put some salt on this one.

J had the Filletto di Manzo which was, again, juts OK. Pretty generic and a bit overpriced.

Omin Hotel 011

Overall, if you are staying in the Omni hotel, Trevi’s is a solid bet but I would not go out of my way to eat here again.

After dinner, we walked around a bit. This hotel is gorgeous and would be nice for a golf vacation in Central Florida. You have easy access to all the attractions without being in the middle of tourist city (International Drive or anywhere on 192 in Kissimmee).

Omin Hotel 012

Omin Hotel 013

One of the three pools we saw.

Omin Hotel 015

Florida sunset.

Omin Hotel 016

How has your weekend been so far?

If you missed yesterday’s post about my super cute cats. I am looking for cute cat pictures to feature in a new series. If you have a cute cat, please email me pictures to

2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Wow… that meal looks INCREDIBLE! I think I would have ordered everything you did!

    I love your blog – I’ve been reading for awhile and so glad I found it!

    xo Christine

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