Healthy Living Summit

Healthy living is putting whole, local when possible, foods in your system and moving most days. It is taking the time to enjoy life and learning how to mitigate the stresses that we all face. Being attuned is being aware of how your choices effect those around you. How your example of healthy living can inspire those to make strides for themselves.

I have a coworker who has a health issue which is in part hereditary but is also greatly affected by diet. Being passionate about eating well and exercise, I love to give him easy tips for ways he can eat better without drastically changing his life. He even told me he thought about me when he saw spinach in the grocery store.

Bloggers are people who are so passionate about one (or many) things that they just cannot help but share it with those around them They want to help and build communities. I like the idea of being part of that. Even though my blog is small and my reach is minimal, the more I can learn, the more I can make change.

So why should I win a free ticket to Healthy Living Summit? I want to learn and grow. I would love to meet the women who inspire me to live healthy with balance. To have an experience to share with those people who enjoy reading about my life here.

Are you attending the Healthy Living Summit?

Do you find inspiration from other bloggers? Has anyone been inspired by your example?

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