How to Scare the Crap Out of Your Husband

Yesterdays run was like many others. I planned on looping around my neighborhood and hoped to be in the 4.5 mile range. The plan was to run them slow and comfortable. The weather was amazing, It had raining earlier in the day which cooled the temperatures down and cleared out some of the humidity. It was like heaven.

After the 400th loop around my very small sub-division, I spotted two cute little dogs. One was a Chihuahua mix and the other a Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu had tags and these two were definitely pets. I attempted to get close to the Shih Tzu but he thought we were playing the game where I get within five feet of him and he takes off for me to chase them. They also enjoyed marking every object with glee in their path. I needed help, so I called J to see if he would help me corral the dogs. I called and I called but could not hear anything on my phone. After five minutes I gave up, unsure what was going on with my phone. I head back towards the house and see J’s car flying down the street headed towards me. He stops suddenly in the middle of the road.

Scene: Central Florida. Rainy evening around 6 PM. Very windy. 

I am sweaty, smelly, and standing in the road while breathing heavy.

J looks upset/worried/irritated/confused.

“Are you ok?” he asks in a panicked way.


“ I thought someone was trying to kill you.” I was standing outside and could not see you anywhere and thought you might be injured or being attacked.”

“No, I found two cute dogs and was hoping you would help me catch them.”

“I even put on pants.” (He was puttering around the house in his pajamas when I left.)

Car door slams and he turns the car around, back to the house.

So the lesson here is if you are out on a run alone, do not call your house 100 times, say nothing, and give-up when your phone will not work. People might worry about you and have to throw on pants. Also, please check that your phone is not on silent mode. This can cause much confusion as to why your phone stops making any noise.

In case you were wondering, I ended up doing 4.22 miles and beat the rest of the rain.

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