Like Herding Cats

I have had better days than today. Work was like being body slammed repeatedly by a wrestler but for practically no money.

I did get a run in before a Skype meeting. The run was quick, short, and sweaty. The meeting was productive and nothing like herding cats. Although it may be because I am turning 30 in a month but trying to add someone to the Skype call was perplexing. Next time, I hope to know what I am doing before I host a Skype meeting.

One thing that made me smile today is that Sarah, who writes over at Running is a Life, sent me the cutest cat pictures. No day can ever be so bad that looking at cute pictures doesn’t solve.

This little guy is Ziva and she is seven weeks old.


This is Kubbi. She carries the teddy bear around with her.


Thank you for sending me such cute pictures!

How was your day?

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