Slow Runners

I have a confession. I am a slow runner. 

Monica at Run Eat Repeat wrote about comparing yourself to others and it made me wonder how often this happens. When you read blog posts about Iron Man finishes or back to back marathons,  it can be difficult to stop the thoughts about how you compare. Are you really a runner if you run 10 minute miles? If you take walk breaks? If you stay at the back of the pack?

It is easy to say I could never do that or to discount your own athletic accomplishments because they are not as “impressiveā€. When I get to that point, I think back to just starting the C25K program and that running for ten minutes seemed impossible. I think of my first 5K and how nervous I was but so proud to have crossed the finish line. Even telling a non-runner you ran one mile will garner you a look of amazement. 

Running is personal and everyone is different. I am slow and that is ok because I am faster than I was six months ago. I am training for my first half-marathon which I will finish and have fun training. That is good enough for me.


Do you compare yourself to others?

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24 thoughts on “Slow Runners

  1. I am training for my first marathon next month – the hardest training is the mental part – the being okay with being back of the pack, possibly last to cross the finish line and yet still daring to go through with it.

    I read an awful lot about how people run and “don’t improve”. I am not out to improve really. I am not running for an individual race, but because it is something I love doing and hope to do for another thirty years or so… slowly, but smiling!
    Ren recently posted..Not Feeling ItMy Profile

  2. I do slip and compare myself to other runners and honestly it takes the joy out of running! You have made an amazing journey with running and you are rocking it no matter what speed! I needed this reminder to focus on my own successes and not compare them with others!

  3. it’s hard not to, but I try not to get down on myself about my speed. But, like you I focus on the fact that I am faster than I was before and I’m running longer and more often. Focus on the good is my moto! :) And just keep moving!
    Jennifer recently posted..Fit and INstaFRIDAY!My Profile

  4. Great post. It is a common problem, I think.

    I have stopped doing it… stopped thinking that my runs and my workouts are not important because they aren’t as fast or as far or as hard as someone else’s. Right now they are just right for ME

    Found you on the Fitness Friday Blog Hop. Enjoyed your blog immensely.

  5. I do not (and cannot!) compare myself to other runners! I get a little annoyed when bloggers – and it’s always bloggers, this never happens in every day life- make a point of saying snide comments about 10+ minute miles, but it doesn’t change how proud I feel when I finish a good workout! When I first started running I was doing 13 minute miles consistently without stopping and felt proud as hell. Now a few months later (and with a 2 month break, yikes) I can do 11 minute miles and feel proud as hell. Soon in this training I’ll work on speed, but for now I’m just concentrating on doing it period!
    OK just saw you’re in Florida and half training – what half are you running??
    Katherina @ Zephyr Runs recently posted..Mighty Leaf Tea Review & GiveawayMy Profile

    • I agree that people should not be making snide comments about anyone’s time. I’ve been running for a year, before that I could not run a mile, so everyday I get out there and try is an accomplishment to me.

      I’m doing the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete in November. I really like the idea of my first half being all women, something really cool about that.
      Dina recently posted..Slow RunnersMy Profile

  6. I think about this ALL the time! I often don’t feel good enough to be a “runner” with my 10 minute mile pace, but then I think back at how far I’ve come and how being able to even run is such an accomplishment!! You rock girlfriend, and there is no shame in being a slow runner! Proud of you!!
    Kelsey @ Go Girl recently posted..pool palooza!My Profile

  7. It’s so hard not to compare! You know you shouldn’t and it really doesn’t help accomplish anything except making you feel “less”. I just read a blog post about a runner setting a new 10k PR with a 7-something pace. My first thought, I could never do that. Then I thought good for her and I’m stronger and faster than I was a year ago. Why do we have a tendency to discount our accomplishments?
    jill conyers recently posted..Virtual Races Completed with 18 Miles and A HillMy Profile

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