Fears And My First 15K

My first long race is tomorrow and I am nervous! I feel prepared (enough) but anything new can be scary. I thought it would be fun to look back at my first race in January 2011 and remember how freaked out I was.

I wrote about my fears, the night before that first 5K. It was pretty standard fare, falling, feeling foolish, being last, and not being able to finish. Pretty similar to how I feel about the upcoming race. Then there were also the fears of the logistics, not knowing where to line up, hoping my D-Tag was on correctly, do I drink the water at the water stops, and assorted other issues that you eventually learn the answers to. (Can you tell that I am a worrier? It might actually be more frantic in my head than I am able to share here.)

Luckily, I loved the race and it made me want to keep running. Finishing that race, even though my time was slow and I walked some of it, was euphoric. I hope that tomorrow’s Miracle Miles will be similar, euphoria and pride for finishing (plus a personal distance record).

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How do you feel the night before a race?

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18 thoughts on “Fears And My First 15K

  1. Good luck to you and your upcoming race, the jitters are so common even after many races. Each time you race you get more excited and not as nervous. Your right… everything IS going to be alright!
    Tina recently posted..Fitness FridayMy Profile

  2. I am the same way. Even though I’ve run several races, I still get nervous every time. EVERY TIME. But it’s good to use that energy for something! Run it out!

    Funny you mention not knowing where to line up etc…I am always thinking, “what if I go the wrong way/don’t know where to go/take a wrong turn”? I see myself running along alone in a city, totally going the wrong way. But then I get to the race, and there are tons of staff, all helping the entire way..! It is always fine; it’s only me who is all antsy!

    You will do great! 15k!! Congrats and good luck!
    Kyria recently posted..Best Time EverMy Profile

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  4. I was laughing as I read your post because it was as if you had taken the words right out of my mouth! :-) It’s good to know we all have the same concerns! I’ve done several 5K’s, a couple 10K’s, and my first 15K is in about a month! I feel a little more relaxed after seeing you lay it out and reading the replies you got! Good luck to you!

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