Half Marathon Training Week Five In Review

To view my previous weeks of training, please see my workouts page.

Sunday: 2.8 mile tempo run.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and No More Trouble Zone for 40 minutes.

Wednesday: 4.27 miles easy

Thursday: Rest (I had a Young Dems social meeting right after work.)

Friday: 3.35 miles easy

Saturday: 5.44 miles long and slow

Goal Miles: 17

Actual Miles: 15.86

Thoughts:  Tempo runs are hard. That run did not go well for me and I was all over the place pace wise. I think this weeks attempt, needs to be done in much cooler weather. Hopefully, this will be a much more positive experience. I am starting to get really nervous about the 15K on September 24th. This weeks long run of 5.44 miles is the longest run I have done in six months and I have never made it to double digits. What if a 15K is too ambitious?

Plan For Week Six

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 3.14 miles

Mileage Goal: 17

Strength Training Goal: Two full body workouts


Tail would like to know how your workouts went this week?

Ever start to get nervous before a race?

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