Half Marathon Training Week Six In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my workouts page.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 3.14 Miles

Tuesday: No More Trouble Zones

Wednesday: Blogger Meet-up

Thursday: Elliptical 30 Minutes & Arms for 20 Minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Seven Miles

Garmin Time

Total Miles: 10.17

Goal Miles: 17

Thoughts: Life and the weather got in the way this week. I planned on Thursday being a running day but the torrential thunderstorm forced those plans to change. Friday would have been a great make-up day but there were a few family things that came up and I just did not have the time. Regardless, my seven mile run on Saturday was amazing and really has me feeling like my upcoming 15K will be a success. (My definition of success is finishing in less than two hours and not being taken off in an ambulance Smile.)

Plan For Week Seven

Sunday: One Hour of Yoga & One Hour Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Goal Miles: 20

Key Workouts: Long Run of Six Miles & One Tempo Run of 20 to 30 Minutes

I plan on attending another Yoga class this week because I found it so helpful and relaxing.

How was your training this week?

Did you try anything new?

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2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week Six In Review

  1. Life got in the way of my training this weekend too!! But I guess that is all a part of rolling with the punches! Great job on your 7 miler! Not only are you going to live through your 15k but you’ll rock it!

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