Is Your Family Making You Fat?

I love my husband.

J Shipyard

He is kind, considerate, and just the nicest guy you will ever meet but is he making me fat?

This week I have written a lot about motivation because I had none all week. Would I be more motivated to run if I had a partner to run with? Is it easier for couples who both enjoy working out, to achieve their goals?

J loves sweets. Cookies, candy, and ice cream are always in our house. I usually have little interest in eating them and fill up on healthier fare but sometimes it is hard. Would it be easier to kick back on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s instead of all the hours in the kitchen I spend prepping healthy lunches and dinners? Probably. Is that how I want to live? No.

Don’t get me wrong, J is very supportive of my running. He understands my going to bed early on the weekends and getting up super early to beat the heat. He waits for me to finish my workouts after work so we can eat together. It really is all I can ask for but I wish sometimes he was out there with me and that there was not a lifetime supply of Australian Liquorice in my kitchen.

When you add kids into the mix, I do not know how some people do it.

Is this what the new SJP movie is about?



How do you balance family with your fitness goals?

Is your family making you fat?

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25 thoughts on “Is Your Family Making You Fat?

  1. I have not seen the movie but I am sure kids make it much harder. My husband does run but he is not real great on the healthy eating motivation. His rule is he works out so he can eat whatever he wants. So I am right there with you sister! I haven’t exactly mastered the whole motivation thing either but I wrote a short post on what keeps me motivated for fitness Friday also :)

  2. I have two teenage boys in the house. One runs and the other does parkour and lifts weights. We are all trying to eat better. My husband doesn’t do any kind of exercise but has refused to allow another dog in the house this winter (my pup is too old for the morning 6K). I want to be safe on my dark 5:30 runs, so he has promised to start running with me when winter gets here. . . One can always hope…
    ren recently posted..Did it. Do it better.My Profile

  3. It is so hard!! Luckily my husband somewhat understands…he works out, but only half as much as me so sometimes he complains about me exercising. And food is always an issue…if only I had more motivation on the eating front!
    Jennifer recently posted..Fit and INstaFriday!My Profile

  4. Obviously, it’s not your hubby’s fault, but….I know exactly what you mean. Case in point, I just got a job where I am away from my boyfriend and I have lost about 10 lbs. I now have time to run when I want, eat what I want and I don’t have to feel guilty for not spending time with him. Also, he would rather go out to eat a few times a week, whereas I am content to eat leftovers / salads / a head of broccoli for dinner. So I know that it is hard!!!
    Kyria recently posted..Do You Yasso?My Profile

    • It can be really different when you are on your own more. J goes to law school full time, so is really busy with school and studying, so I am lucky with the amount of me time I get.

  5. I’ve heard that movie is awful- that she has a nanny and a husband that helps out a lot. (so that’s how she does it)

    But I understand, I would rather keep all the garbage out of our house, and it helps that I do the grocery shopping so I only get 1-2 things that are sweet or candy. Not a huge variety.
    Michelle recently posted..Fitness Friday: Fitting in FitnessMy Profile

  6. My husband has a horrible sweet tooth too and he is not the most supportive of my running although he is learning to be better about it. I really want to see that movie. I love SJP.

  7. My husband runs with me, about half of the time, and especially as my runs get longer. I just announce when and where and he comes along if he wants to. It helps…

    And we do have sugary salty snacks around most of the time, but not out where I have to ‘face’ them. I make sure to keep healthy options around too.

    It is not always easy, but worthwhile!

    Coming from the Fitness Friday Blog Hop.
    Elle recently posted..Friday Feature… Superfoods to Rev Up Your WorkoutsMy Profile

  8. Hope the motivation comes back soon!

    I’m fortunate that I have a husband who is a runner that pretty much eats anything I plan and is not a sweets eater. Or a snacker for that matter. My kids? I plan meals that include what I know they will eat. That may mean cooking 2 entrees or an extra side dish. As far as snacks they’re allowed to pick one snack each week but no “treats” as a snack. And every now and then no crackers, chips, etc. for one week and they end up snacking on fruit or making smoothies.

    Would your husband go for maybe alternating weeks of having sweets in the house. That way they’re not always there and each week you only buy what can be eaten in one week. Or challenge him to go a week (or 10 days) with no sweets?
    jill conyers recently posted..Fitness Friday || Trail RunningMy Profile

  9. Yes, my family does not really help out in NOT making me fat. While my husband love exercise related activities, he thinks that ice cream should be in the house at all times and that a half gallon of it is a serving size. I want to exercise and eat to be healthy, not exercise so I can eat more garbage. I hate that I spend so much time cooking only to have everyone sigh and ask where the dessert is, I can SO relate to this post!!
    Amy recently posted..Fall is in the air?My Profile

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  11. My family, when I lived with them, was making me fat. My folks that is. And I feel terrible for saying that, because it wasn’t their intention. Now that I live on my own I shop and cook for myself which is a very nice control. I do live with my boyfriend and he tends to eat 75% what I cook and 25% what he buys, and what he buys usually isn’t too good for ya!! I can deal with it, though. It’s not influencing me.

    Great post, btw! I think a lot of people struggle with this. Hell, when I first realized I wanted to change my eating habits and exercise routine I lost a boyfriend who thought I was crazy (read: inspired)!
    Katherina @ Zephyr Runs recently posted..HomegrownMy Profile

    • I think what makes this issue so difficult is that it is often unintentional. When J will insist that I have dessert or a snack, he’s trying to be nice. I’m sure your parents mean well when they cook certain foods or give you a large serving size.

      It makes it hard to just say no. :)
      Dina recently posted..Undercover BloggerMy Profile

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