Like A Virgin

On Saturday, tons of Central Florida peeps got their Yoga on at Rasa- Lila Fest. I sadly was not able to attend because of a previous commitment. Yoga is something I have tried a few times watching online videos and DVD’s but have really wanted to attend a class. Looking at all the great pictures from Saturday and the tightness of my legs from Long Run Saturday, I found a studio that offers classes on Sundays.

Yoga Pointe

Yoga Pointe offers a community class for $5. I explained when I arrived that I was a newbie and she said I would be fine. I sat right up front, to make sure I could watch her closely. The class was small so there was time for individual attention for those who needed it (this girl). Getting to attend a class was much better than using DVD’s because I actually felt like I understood what was going on. It was a great and relaxing way to ease out of the weekend.

I think this community class will be my permanent date on Sundays because my body has lost all the soreness from Saturdays seven miles.

This also knocks another one off my 30 Before 30 list.

13. Take an exercise class no matter how silly I think I might look. (Plus I didn’t even look silly.)

After I got home, I wanted to do a little cardio and popped in a new (to me) DVD.



Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is no joke. I was dripping in sweat and breathing heavy throughout the entire DVD. This one will definitely be in regular rotation on non-running days.

Did you do anything new this week-end?

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