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Are you an “out” blogger? Do your friends, family, or coworkers know that you have a blog?

There are a lot of good reasons to keep work and blogging separate, some people work in offices where the personal and professional never overlap. Some may write about their jobs in a way that needs to be kept separate. Other than that, I really do not understand why you would hide a blog from other people in your life.

I post all of my blog posts on Facebook and do find it interesting how frequently people in political meetings I go to or even at work, ask me about running or suggest a new recipe. I find it really amazing to be face to face with someone who took the time to read my random thoughts,

Doesn’t a blog, regardless of the topic, ultimately reflect you? I am more likely to keep reading if I can get the person who is writing and maybe even like them a bit. Won’t the people in your life love the blog part of you?

(Full disclosure, my in-laws do not know I have a blog. Not because I have any concerns about them reading it but J does. He thinks posts like Is Your Family Making You Fat?, may not paint him in the most positive light.)

Speaking of in-laws, has anyone seen previews for the new show Monster In-Lawson A&E? It looks like it could be interesting,

Are you an “out” blogger? If you are not, why?

8 thoughts on “Undercover Blogger

  1. Good topic. I am out. I post on FB here and there and have sent links to friends but that doesn’t mean I know 100% for sure every one of my IRL has seen the blog. At first it was more quiet. Then I decided to be more open. My parents read it too. I would probably not really offer it up to office coworkers though just because of that personal/professional line. However, if they did find it I would hope to not be shocked or embarrassed. so be it.

    I have more of an issue with photos and how to include pics of other people in my life on the blog. There seems no direct way to address this and I feel weird saying “Do you want to be on my blog?” I have read other bloggers say it’s assumed if your blog is out that photos could go up!

    Curious to hear what other say.
    Holly recently posted..The Price of ZenMy Profile

    • The photos are an interesting aspect. I normally only post pictures of my husband and he doesn’t mind. Anyone else is warned that I am going to blog about this activity and post pictures.

      If a friend requested a picture taken down, I certainly would do so but it has yet to be an issue.
      Dina recently posted..Undercover BloggerMy Profile

  2. Not out! I let my sister and mom see the blog and it basically renders conversation useless! I used to call them every day and now they already know everything that’s going on in my life and it makes things awkward. I love the anonymity of blogging :)
    Katherina @ Zephyr Runs recently posted..HomegrownMy Profile

    • I wonder if I should be offended that my Mom knows about my blog but doesn’t read it?

      I agree about the conversational part, sometimes it can be strange when I’m talking about my weekend and am interrupted with that they know. They already read about it. :)
      Dina recently posted..Undercover BloggerMy Profile

  3. I decided very early on to be an “out” blogger. In fact, I sent links to the blog to almost everyone (including my mom and my boss) after blogging for a couple of months. I’m not sure how many people in my life actually read it–probably not very many–but I know they could and that’s what counts. For me, it’s a good gut-check. If I wouldn’t want my mom or my boss to read something about myself, then that’s something I probably shouldn’t be posting on the internet.

    That said, though, it’s a very personal choice, and I think some of it depends on your blogging style and subject matter too.
    Diane @ DixieJulep recently posted..Friday Free-For-All: Magic and MiraclesMy Profile

  4. My family knows that I have a blog and many of my friends too as well. I could not tell all my coworkers since at times I am talking about them! My in-laws know that I have one but have never asked for it. Since I vent sometimes about them on here….well it is probably best left a secret! You raise a good point though. I talk about many personal things on here and it would be things that would probably insightful for my friends to know.
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Three Things Thursday-Confession ThursdayMy Profile

    • That would be an interesting conversation! My MIL does not really know how to use a computer but a relative reported to her something they read on my facebook (that was not about them) and she asked my husband about it! After that, I changed my privacy settings on my page.
      Dina recently posted..Undercover BloggerMy Profile

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