Alton Brown Is My Cooking God (Baked Potatoes A Love Story)

I make the worlds worst baked potatoes. (You can ask J and he will surely confirm.) They are always under cooked and rarely have a crispy outside. So who to turn to with a culinary dilemma?



I used the recipe found here. The key is poking holes in the potato and cooking directly on the oven rack. Genius! I did change-up one thing, instead of canola oil I used Roasted Garlic Oil from Stonewall Kitchen.


I picked this up on a trip to the Cheese Shop On Park. If you like garlic, this is a must try.

I try to purchase fish once a week for dinner and always will purchase salmon when they have the wild caught variety in the store. I rubbed more of the Roasted Garlic Oil on the fish with salt/pepper and some Italian seasoning and cooked it in parchment.


Found a new use for my Touchpad. Sirius while cooking.


A few other tips I learned from AB (I can call him that because I follow him on the Twitter.)

1. When making nachos, use balls of tinfoil to prop cooling racks on top of a baking sheet. You can make a ton at one time and it makes clean-up easier.

2. You can use parsnips instead of carrots while baking.

3. Cooking should be fun and you don’t need a ton of fancy gadgets.

Besides being sick, I got some bad news at work today. Eating a baked potato that was actually cooked all the way through may have been the highlight of my day.

Do you love Alton Brown?

Have any great cooking tips to share?

2 thoughts on “Alton Brown Is My Cooking God (Baked Potatoes A Love Story)

    • Love Jamie Oliver! I mean what’s not to like about a cute English guy who can cook and names his daughters after flowers.

      I don’t have any of his cookbooks. Is there one you recommend?

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