Half Marathon Training Week Ten In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: 2.33 Miles

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Was to sick to workout. Had a pretty bad cold and thought it best to take it easy.

Thursday: 3.15 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.41 Miles

Thoughts: This week was rough. After last weeks low motivation and mileage week, I really wanted this week to be stronger but sometimes you get sick. Being sick, coupled with a massively stressful work announcement, made my body non-functional.

I was lucky to get some really good advice from a more experienced runner this week that made me feel better. Just worry about finishing. I am not fast and I am still a new runner, finishing a half marathon will be a huge accomplishment for me and I am OK with that.

Now I am ready to get to work for Week 11. I have two days off this week and will enjoy every second of it.

A few race pictures from the Miracle Miles 15K. Pictures courtesy of TIP Films.

What I noticed about the pictures:

Do I ever stop looking at my Garmin? My last race, I forgot to stop it until well over the finish line, so this one I was obsessively saying turn off watch like some kind of crazed mantra as I crossed the finish line. Does not make for a cool race photo.

When I spot the cameraman (which I must have in the final picture), I don’t look all that terrible when I run.





How do you handle a training week when you are sick?

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