Raining Cats And Dogs

The rain this weekend has been non-stop.



Woke up on Saturday (while it was still dark out) to run, non-stop rain. Waited and waited, finally stopped enough to get a few miles in but certainly not the 12 I was aiming for.

I am super lucky so of course the weekend of the great monsoon, I got my hair done.


I cut off a lot of hair because I just needed a change. It was inspired by Diana Argon’s new look on Glee. (I will admit to a few times running like a crazy person from my car to a destination to avoid messing up the hair. My hair only looks good once every seven weeks and I like to stretch it out as long as possible.)



Mine is longer and less layered mainly because shoulder length is a short as I can go with the way my head is shaped and is an easier to style version because I am lazy about my hair.

After the salon, I , along with every other resident of Orlando, went to the mall for some shopping. It was insane! Wall to wall people.

There was supposed to be a Yoga Flash Mob that never materialized. I have never seen one in person and was looking forward to it.

I did get to see the memorial to Steve Jobs at the Apple Store.

Jobs Memorial

Jobs Memoria Flowers and Apples

Have you ever seen (or participated in) a Flash Mob?

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