Totally Topicless Tuesday

I am getting sick. I can feel it in my throat and of course you can only ever get sick when you have a four day weekend coming up.

The following are just a few things that have been rattling around in my (delirious) head.

1. Steve Jobs Biography

I have no comment on the content of the book but find the cover photo disturbing.



Am I the only one who thinks you must really like yourself to pose as the thinker with a close-up of your head on the cover of a book?

2. Bank of America.

As if I didn’t feel guilty enough that I have yet to change to a local bank or credit union, Bank of America announces a new fee for those who use their debit cards of $5 a month. $5 a month?! No thanks. This is the impetus I need to move my money to a local bank/credit union. Thank you Bank of America for forcing me to do the right thing.

Washington Post

CBS News

3. Amanda Knox

I have not followed this case too closely but have a read a handful of articles over the years. I am not a legal expert but she seemed innocent and I saw no compelling evidence to the contrary. Luckily, the Italian Justice System allows appeals that retry the entire case so this young woman is able to move on with her life. It will be interesting to see what she does in the upcoming months. I suspect Barbara Walters and a book deal.



The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox from RollingStone.

4. The Lying Game 

This is not a rant but my newest celebrity crush plays Ethan Whitehorse on The Lying Game. Isn’t he smoking hot?



What random things are rattling around in your head?

10 thoughts on “Totally Topicless Tuesday

  1. I totally think BOA is biting themselves in the butt.

    How crazy that like a few days before Steve Job passes away you post the picture that is now on everything! At first I thought it was kind of weird but I am starting to like it!
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