Food Rut

Meal planning is hard. Packing lunch five days a week and cooking for a husband who likes a lot of variety and does not like healthy food while maintaining a budget, is like balancing on a tightrope. This week I decided to use a new source for dinner recipe ideas and found each one on Pinterest. My qualifications for a recipe are:

Minimally processed, whole ingredients

Can be cooked in 45 minutes or less (for a weekday meal)

Mostly meat-free

Every meal has some kind of vegetables

For really busy days, I always have a salad made up for the entire week. I do that on Sunday when I have time to wash and chop all of the vegetables. I make large batches, even though I cook for two, so we always have leftovers on hand.


Cereal with banana and kefir

Shredded Wheat

Uncle Sam’s Cereal

1 Banana

Strawberry Kefir


Coffee black x 2

Morning Snack

Banana Fresh

String Cheese



Quinoa With Roasted Butternut Squash

This came out amazing. The smell of the roasting squash was delicious and the pecans on top added just the right crunch.

Organic Apple

Afternoon Snack

More string cheese.


Tortellini Vegetable Soup

Tortellini Vegetable Soup

This soup was very tasty and really quick to make. The only change I would make is to lighten up on the salt. I was able to find a whole wheat cheese tortellini which was quite good. J usually complains about whole wheat pasta and he was not able to tell.

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Sandwich with mixed greens on Ezekial Bread

What are your tips for getting out of a food rut?

19 thoughts on “Food Rut

  1. It really is so hard to find good lunches for picky husbands. my husband doesnt like certain things heated up either. glad you found some good things and all of that looks great!
    Courtney recently posted..WIAWMy Profile

    • Meat is an issue in my house too. I am not a vegetarian but only eat meat every other week or so. My husband does complain about it but has gotten used to it over the years.

      Do you do a lot of two dish meals?
      Dina recently posted..Food RutMy Profile

  2. I actually don’t mind a rut. I guess if my Boyfriend was into having something different each day, it would be hard! But I usually just make a big pot of something on Sunday and eat it throughout the week. I also supplement a lot with carrot sticks, fruit and nuts throughout each day. I love cooking though and when you have someone to cook for, it is much more satisfying. I am definitely going to have to try your Tortellini Soup. It looks amazing!
    Kyria recently posted..Almond Bowl Half MarathonMy Profile

  3. That quinoa combo looks awesome. I have been working on some ideas to spice mine up lately. Planning meals is hard. It is no joke. I always have to do it for the days that I have class all day and it becomes difficult figuring out what can fit in my backpack.
    lindsay recently posted..I Like A Good Party (WIAW #3)My Profile

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