Husband Approved Quick Dinner

J and I do not always see eye to eye on dinner. I am a healthier, less meat, more vegetables type eater. He wants dinner to be quick (so we don’t eat at 8 PM after my runs) and more meat-filled. Attempting to meet him in the middle, I spend a lot of time looking at recipes online. Recently I stumbled on Chipotle Bean Burritos.  This recipe is perfect, meat-like without meat, fairly healthy, and quick. J and I love Mexican food and any excuse to incorporate tortilla chips into a meal.

Chiptole Bean Burrito

The recipe is great because it would be easy to substitute different ingredients, depending what you have on hand. I used Pinto Beans instead of Black Beans because they were in my pantry. I would also use a few more cloves of garlic next time but adjust to your own tastes.

One burrito and many, many chips with guacamole was very filling. The recipe makes six, so there are leftovers for lunch.

Do you and your significant other disagree about dinner? How do you handle it?

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