Online Tools To Help You Stay Organized

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Not those kinds of tools. The kind of tools that help keep your stuff organized online.

Pinterest is a great place to save visual items that you want to save for later. I use it for decorating, DIY projects, and funny random things that I find online.

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Pinterest is very visual and interactive. It is also extremely addictive. Exploring different pins and finding great boards to follow, has given me a ton of ideas as to what I can do with the entryway to my house and plans for new knitting projects.


For recipes I love Springpad. Springpad allows you to have individual notebooks and you can Spring items online and save them to each notebook. You can also set alarms for those items. If I want to plan my meals using recipes I saved in my Recipe Notebook, I can sent an alarm. That alarm will text me and let me know that I planned on making a roasted chicken on Tuesday and the recipe is right there. No hunting for printed copies of recipes or searching through bookmarks to find the right item.


This worked so well when my computer died earlier this year and nothing was retrievable. Luckily, I had diligently saved links in Springpad and all I had to do was log back in to access it.

What are some of your favorite tools to stay organized online?

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