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Like many new runners, I have a lot of questions. Yesterday, as I stared at the course map for my impending first Half, I started to think about water. There are a lot of water stops on this course. Nearly one every mile. This led me to wonder if carrying water with me, via a Fuel Belt, was worth it. Now, I do not mind running with a Fuel Belt, I do so on long runs but if I have a choice of with or without, I prefer without. So I took my question to Twitter.

Running my first half on Sunday. If there are water stops everymile would you stil run with a fuelbelt? #runchat #fitblog

Which was followed by a lot of helpful responses.

@ It depends: Do you like the fuel drink they're offering (I don't like Gatorade), & do u want to stop & walk thru the water stops?
Jennifer Z
@ I prefer to so that when I want a drink I can get one especially if the water stop is congested
Christy Gerdes
Depends - are you carrying any fuel with you, like shotbloks, GU, etc? RT @: If there are water stops everymile would you stil...
Running Peanut
@ well, if you are used to running with a belt, then I'd go for it. I have a #spibelt and love it!
Running Peanut

So this was the first of, what I can only imagine will be many, freak-outs averted before the race on Sunday. It is starting to feel so real and slightly scary.

Have you ever taken a problem or question to Social Media? Did it help?

What racing questions did you ask before your first big race?

6 thoughts on “Social Networking For The Win

  1. I have taken questions about running to social media. It has been helpful, and it ranges from anywhere between shoes to beginning to run again after a baby. (I’m still working on that one!) I think there is nothing wrong with that! I don’t like to carry water with me because I know there are water stops during races. If I am running on the track then of course I’ll stash my water on a bench and if I’m running in the open I put my water in my running stroller.

    • Social Media is really a great resource especially places like Twitter where you can follow such a specific network of people. I think it’s really great that people are able to find like-minded people who are able to help them with a specific interest. It can be so hard to do that in real life.
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