American Horror Story Is The Most Screwed Up Show On TV And I Like It

A few thoughts on this lovely Thursday which I took off from work.

1. American Horror Story. If you ever find yourself giving birth in an old house, aided by a ghost doctor and nurses, while your dead daughter watches, run. When the Anti-Christ is finished tearing its way out of you, your crazy neighbor takes the baby to clean it up and is confronted by your husbands dead mistress, you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore. So wrong, yet so good.

2. I finally downloaded a few free Photoshop actions. These actions can be found here courtesy of Pioneer Woman. I have no clue what I am doing but it is fun.


Alia Cat Before


Alia Lovely Ethereal Boost Cat


Dennis and Mom


Dennis and Mom Soft Fade

3. I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I listen everyday and we have Howard TV at home. Today he announced that he will be a judge on America’s Got Talent. This news is still sinking in but I do hope that this will let a larger audience see that Howard is more than a crass, shock jock. I do not currently watch America’s Got Talent but will tune in to see Howard.

2 thoughts on “American Horror Story Is The Most Screwed Up Show On TV And I Like It

    • I guess the negotiations have been going on for eight months. There have been a lot of rumors about it and he had mentioned it on the show, so it wasn’t a complete shock. Still, the reactions are already starting about how he is the most horrible person ever.

      Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.
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