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I try to keep things fresh in the kitchen by trying out new recipes. Variety is extremely important to J and if I can keep it interesting, I have an easier time getting him to eat healthier.

This week I made 30 Minute White Bean + Chicken Soup from how Sweet it is. This soup is amazing and easy to make. The only changes I made was leaving out the mushrooms (I forgot to buy them) and I used an Italian Cheese Blend instead of Fontina Cheese. The bacon flavor of this soup gives it just enough stick to your bones flavor to make it perfect for a winter dinner. I paired the soup with tuna fish sandwiches. Quick and easy as long as you cook the chicken the night before.


Leeks can give soup such an understated flavor. Perfect for those who find onions a bit too strong.

Maverick Ranch Bacon No Nitrates

I love bacon but hate nitrates so only buy nitrate free bacon. (Here is a discussion on nitrate free bacon from Chowhound. I do not find that it tastes worse than regular bacon but everyone is different.)

30 Minute White Bean and Chicken Soup

I am looking forward to eating more of this soup for lunch. It has that will taste better the next day quality to it.

While the soup was cooking, I took some pictures of Tail. He might be possessed.

Possesed Cat

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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    • After you trim them, you can either slice them down the middle and rinse them under water or chop them and submerge in a bowl of water.

      I have to add, that any dish that feeds two and leaves leftovers for lunch is always a winner.
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