2012: The Year I Start Kicking Ass And Taking Names



Resolutions can be daunting. Are you setting yourself up to fail by making them? Do they last past the second week in January? When you make them, do you ever have any intention of really trying to complete them?

As someone who in a past life used to smoke, I remember year after year of quitting smoking being my resolution which barely lasted a day or two into the new year. It made me feel like a failure.

This year, I want to focus on long-term goals that I can actually attain. There is nothing worse than making goals that are so far out of reach, that you set yourself up for failure.

Here is my list of attainable goals that hopefully will keep me motivated throughout 2012.

Running Goals

  • Run 1000 miles in 2012


My mileage increased steadily over the year for a total of 551 miles. I am running more days and longer long runs than at the same time last year, 1000 miles is definitely doable.

  • Four Half Marathons in 2012

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is the only one the schedule now. I would like to find one in each season and would love to try one outside of Florida.

  • A sub-30 minute 5K

With the increase in my training and the length of my long runs, I am confident I can do this.

  • Keep having fun
  • Join a running club

I need to do this even if it just to find some better places for long runs. I tend to run in the same places all the time and as the mileage increases, so does the boredom.

Personal Goals

  • Learn more about photography and photo editing

I am following lots of photography blogs for inspiration and tips but would like to take a class.

  • Read 100 books

You can follow my progress on GoodReads.

  • Try new things

Not letting fear of the unknown hold me back, has opened me up to experiences that I would not have had before. Going to Yoga classes and trying Dance Trance are two great examples.

  • Spend more time with J

J is at the halfway point with law school and it can be very difficult to find time together. This needs to be a priority.

  • Get the house organized
  • Turn the Polk County Young Democrats into a thriving and active club

Last year I became the President of this group and it’s success is so important to me.

Blog Goals

  • Blog Redesign

I have some ideas in mind but definitely want to switch over to a premium theme instead of the freebie I am currently using.



What are your goals or resolutions for 2012? Do you have any suggestions for Half Marathons I should run this year?

12 thoughts on “2012: The Year I Start Kicking Ass And Taking Names

  1. These are terrific goals! I’m also in the run more miles, read more books, spend time with hubs/SOs camp for 2012. I’m interested in blog redesign too. Any ideas on how to go about this?

  2. Your goals makes mine look so tiny : /

    I think people like to make New Year resolutions as part as their celebration for the upcoming year but once all the festivities end, they forget. I think having a plan on how to achieve your resolutions is more important then the resolution itself, if that makes sense.

    I do know this year I will get to complete my resolutions . So excited!

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