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Sherry Arnold was a runner and teacher. She was the victim of a tragic act of violence and one that many runners fear could happen to them. More information about the run can be found on Runner’s World and the blog of her cousin Shut Up And Run.

As a woman who mostly runs alone, being attacked while running is always a fear that lives in the back of my mind. I try to take the typical precautions, carrying pepper spray and my phone. I always let someone know where I am going and when I should be back. There is always the fear, is it enough?

The tone of those participating in Run For Sherry Runs is one of hope. One that we should not be afraid to run. That even when something tragic happens we need to keep moving.

My thoughts are with Sherry Arnold’s loved ones and I hope that they felt moved by the outpouring of hope from the running community on Saturday.

Have you been following this story? Did you participate in the virtual run?

2 thoughts on “Run For Sherry Arnold

    • I think it’s so much better for people to react with a message of hope rather than fear to this tragedy. I don’t ever want to be scared to run and I’m glad that so many people game together to show that people will soldier on.
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