Creepy Photo Friday

This week has been strange. I try to keep some kind of schedule, applying to jobs all morning and working out in the afternoon but this week J was on spring break. I decided to take it easy to spend time with him. We mainly caught up on sleep and TV (finally watched the Walking Dead, which is amazing.)

I like to take running easy the week following a big race. It helps to ease my way back onto a training schedule. It’s a good mental break plus it gives me time to research a new plan and decided where I want to race next.

The pictures are in from Gasparilla and they are just awesome.

Gasparilla 2012 Half Marathon Picture

(I hope my neck isn’t always like that when I run.)

Gasparilla 2012 Half Picture 2

(I must be thinking “Kill me now!”)

Now the the winner….

Gasparilla 2012 Half Good Picture

(Photobombed by thumbs up guy. So creepy.)

It could be worse. Not sure what is going on here. Richard Simmons zombie?

Lisa Rinna Richard Simmons Creepy


Just because I am five and this made me laugh so hard I snorted.

I'm gonna crumb


Hope your Friday flies by and your boss isn’t too much of a jerk.

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