Avoiding The Sun

It is getting to the time of year again, when it is so blistering hot that breathing while walking briskly can be difficult. There are lots of great reasons to live in Florida, the theme parks and the beaches, but the humidity and sweltering heat for the majority of the year are not one of them.

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There are two ways to survive running in the Florida summer (and by summer I mean from April to October.)

1. Join a gym or have access to a treadmill that is in air-conditioning.

2. Run early enough to beat the heat.

I really want to wake-up and run first thing in the morning but a few obstacles have always stopped me. For my last job, I had a very long commute (34 miles each way) and I already woke up at 5:15 everyday. I did not think it was possible to wake up any earlier plus running alone in the dark scares me. I live in a fairly rural area and there are wild animals in my neighborhood. (I actually spotted a fox fighting a cat one time which was kind of cool. J  was able to scare the fox off.)

So the obvious solution is to join a gym. There are only two gyms that are remotely close to my house, so my plan is to get guest passes at both and see which one I like better. Then the difficulty will be getting runs done on a treadmill but anything is better than the blistering heat.

How do you deal with running in the summer?

6 thoughts on “Avoiding The Sun

  1. Running alone in the dark mornings here in Orlando scares me a little bit, but I think I can adjust my schedule to run at 6 just as it starts to get light. That’s my game plan for beating the heat this summer – maybe if the gyms don’t work for you, you could try a dusky run, as the sun is going down around 7/8?

    • I would be scared too. Even running during the day I carry pepper spray and always try to be aware of my surroundings.

      Last summer I ran after work which was better but the bugs are out of control where I live with all the lakes.
      Dina recently posted..Avoiding The SunMy Profile

  2. Unless I’m running with my training group, I’m allll treadmill allll summer. I cannot deal with the humidity here. And getting up early is not an option. I’m already up early.
    I need a new gym membership myself. I wish there were better ones around me that I didn’t need to drive 30 minutes to!
    Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run recently posted..I Like My Movies FancyMy Profile

    • The humidity is really awful. I always find it funny how much easier running feels in “winter” here. It always makes me feel like I am improving but I think I can just breathe easier.

      The gym is hard if it’s a pain to get to. The last membership I had was like that and I stopped going.
      Dina recently posted..Avoiding The SunMy Profile

  3. As awful as it sounds, I cut back on my running in the summer. I can’t stand running in the heat (I live in PA) and we can get some awfully hot and humid days here too. Last summer I was training for a half marathon in November so for the first time I really actually ran outside in the heat consistently. I will be honest, I’d rather run outside in the heat (ugh) than run inside on a treadmill though. I just can’t handle the monotony of the treadmill.
    Chris recently posted..April 10, 1912My Profile

    • Cutting back could work. I have been tossing around the idea of focusing on shorter races and more speed work. It might not be as bad if my runs aren’t as long.

      Not matter which way I go, I think my long runs will still be outside. I cannot imagine running 12 plus miles on a treadmill. That sounds pretty dreadful.
      Dina recently posted..Avoiding The SunMy Profile

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