I Tried Suspension Training And It Almost Killed Me

My gym is offering a new class called Gravity. It is their version of Suspension Training. Basically, you have a system of ropes and webbing that is hooked to a fixed point above your head and preform body weight exercises while suspended by your arms or legs.

Suspension TRX Training Class


I enjoyed most of the exercises especially the push-ups. A very fit woman in my class mentioned that she did push-ups all the time (and she looked like that was true) and doing them in a suspended way felt much more difficult. The trainer leading the class pointed out that losing the floor can make a big difference in the feel plus you are targeting some different muscles being suspended. (The following video does a really great job demonstrating what a suspension trainer push-up looks like and why it can be more difficult than a standard push-up.)

This may be an indication that I need to cross train more but my entire body (including my armpits) hurt for days after this workout. Luckily my new job requires me to put away files in a floor-to-ceiling file wall, so my co-workers were treated to moans and groans at every arm lift. Plus some silent cursing.

Unmitigated pain aside, I would definitely attend this class regularly if it wasn’t an extra $15 dollars a class on top of my gym membership. If I could ever work up to two or three times a week, I might actually have a reasonably strong upper body and a stronger core.

3 thoughts on “I Tried Suspension Training And It Almost Killed Me

  1. Im trying to work on my upper body/core strength. Im hoping it helps with some weight loss and helps improve my running. That suspension training looks like serious business!

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