Sick, Cranky, and My Husband May Want To Kill Me

Just kidding, J is actually kind of awesome when I’m sick. (As long as the Eagles are not playing of course.)

J hoping the Eagles will win

I have been sick with a head cold all week. I started to get a twinge of sickness on Tuesday and thought about delaying my workout.

Feeling a little sick but really wanted to run today. When in doubt, do you like to play it safe and skip your workout? #runchat
@ Depends what kind of sick. I have to admit that I usually sit it out when I am not feeling well.
Ali Hatfield
@ really depends how I feel, sometimes running makes me feel better, otherwise my body may be telling be to rest #runchat
Angie Maske-Berka

The lovely people who responded to my tweet about running when sick were right and I decided to take it easy on Tuesday. I thought the extra rest would cure me but I was wrong. Tuesday I was just feeling a little sick but now it is a full-blown eyes watering sneezing constantly head cold. So I have not been to the gym or out for a run since Sunday and I am getting antsy to move.

Two good things have come out of my recent convalescence. I had time to finish the Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner By James Dashner


It was excellent and I recommend running (see what I did there?) out right now and buying this book. It’s a pretty quick read but really intriguing. I probably will pick-up book two this weekend because I need to know what happens next.

I had time to watch the pilot for the Dallas reboot on TNT.

Dallas on TNT


I liked it very much and will definitely continue watching.

Jesse Metcalf With No Shirt Dallas


Jesse Metcalf is pretty easy on the eyes plus he plays a character who is looking for alternative energy sources. A man after my own heart.

Do you get cranky when you’re sick?

Should Jesse Metcalf be allowed to put a shirt back on?

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