Quest For A Sub-30 Minute 5K Number Three

I can’t believe I already ran the third race of the four race Watermelon 5K series by the Lakeland Runners Club. It seems like it was months ago that I started training for a sub-30 minute 5K. (Links to the Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K Race One and Two if you are interested.)

This race, like the others in the series, took place at Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland. It is a beautiful place to run and if you are in Central Florida, I highly recommend making a stop.

The packet pick-up and parking went very smoothly. I am really getting the hang of navigating the area which may be a benefit from racing a series. (This race I even remembered the street I parked on and did not need to wander around searching for my car.)

The weather was more pleasant than race number two, which was rainy and humid. It was still pretty hot but typical for Central Florida summer weather. Almost all of my recent training has been running on a treadmill at the gym, I know that not being acclimated to running in the heat and humidity is hampering my performance. I do not know how much of an effect it has but I know running feels harder than it did last summer. I will freely admit to being a huge baby and  preferring to run in the a/c. Until I start base building for my fall half, most of my runs will continue to be inside.

The race started smoothly, I felt rested and had plenty of time to warm-up. Everything was fine until just over the two-mile mark where I got another monster cramp (ala race number one.) I do not know why this keeps happening, if it is my pace is too fast or the humidity is making it more difficult to breathe? I was forced to take a few walk breaks and I knew a sub-30 was out of my reach.

Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K Number Three Race Splits

The splits are not completely awful, if each mile was a little bit faster I could have come much closer to my goal.

Clock Time: 33:04

Chip Time: 32:46

The first race had a clock time of 31:21 and race number two of 33:01. At least this race my time is going in the right direction.

I do kind of love the finish line photo courtesy of the Lakeland Runners Club.

Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K Number Three

So with one race left I have still not made my goal of a sub-30 minute 5K but the races have kept me running despite the sweltering summer heat.

Goals Update

I am slowly inching towards the goals I set at the beginning of this year plus adding a few new ones along the way.

Read 100 books.

My reading challenge is coming along. I am so happy that my new job gives me some down time to read while at work.

2012 Reading Challenge

Turn the Polk County Young Democrats into a thriving and active club.

The clubs first fundraiser is happening next weekend and I am hoping for a decent turnout. It is a bowling fundraiser called A Strike For Democracy and if we get the turnout I am hoping for, we should have enough funds to start a website.

Election 2012 Haines City Office

Learn more about photography and photo editing.

I am reading lots of books on photography and following many photography blogs. I need to practice more but am starting to feel more comfortable with the camera.

Increasing my weight training.

I just finished a four-week weight training cycle with a friend from work who goes to the same gym. It is really great working out with someone who is very comfortable with weight training. My knowledge and comfort level with the machines and free-weights have gone up exponentially. Sticking to a plan and lifting heavier than I had been is giving me noticeable strength gains and more muscle definition.

A sub-30 minute 5K.

Have you been reading here awhile? This goal has haunted me all summer. I am so close but have yet to reach it. I know I need to push myself more when I’m racing but it really is hard. I’m afraid of not being able to finish or of getting a cramp if I run faster. I have a tendency to play it safe and stay comfortable. I know this will not work if I want to get faster. This goal is a work in progress and I may be struggling with it for the rest of 2012.

Get the house organized.

I have not talked about this but about a month ago when Florida was getting pounded by some torrential downpours, we noticed that cracks in our stucco was letting water into the house. It is mainly on one side, of course it is the side with our two offices and the master bathroom, and we had to move all of the furniture out of those two rooms and have the house inspected. One month later, I have all kinds of office furniture strewn about my great room and J and I are relegated to laptops on the dinning room table. The work on the house should be starting in the next few weeks and we have vowed after that to tackle the offices. There is nothing like living in an obstacle course of furniture to light a fire under your ass. I will say the cats love this new arrangement because there are new sleeping spaces and countless places to hide.

Tail Cute Cat Begging For Treats

Get a new wardrobe.

I have never been good a dressing myself. Shopping stresses me out and I have no idea what looks good together. I want to make more of an effort, so I started to follow some everyday style blogs and put together a Pinterest board of realistic clothes. Obviously, money is a limiting factor but I really need to learn how to put together simple, classic, and relatively inexpensive outfits together. Any suggestions for great blogs or stores would be greatly appreciated.

How are your 2012 goals coming?

Trouble Is My Middle Name Or Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Drive

This year has been full of lots of car tom foolery.

There was this gem.


Smashed in my driver’s side headlight leaving the Whole Foods parking lot in Dr. Phillips. Luckily, no one was hurt and there was minimal damage but it really did make going back to work a hoot.

This week my tire pressure indicator came on as it does monthly (yes I know I should regularly put air in my tires but I forget.) It only ever seems to indicate low tire pressure on Monday’s when I am cutting it close to leaving a little on the late side for work. After I saw the light, I made a u-turn back into my community and grabbed the tire pressure compressor that J keeps in the back of his car and filled my tires. I have done this a million times and never had an issue (except the one time I put way too much air in and my tire exploded but that was at least five years ago.) I made a rookie mistake of not checking that the gauge was set to the correct amount and took off for work. When I left work, the stupid light is still on, so I assume that there is some kind of leak or I ran over a nail. When I get home, J checks the tires and the front two have way to much (like 43 instead of 33) and the back two are low. So no nail or leak but it delayed me enough to miss an important meeting.

The following day I stopped to get gas. I set the latch on the pump that is supposed to stop when it is full and I stand next to my car waiting. All of a sudden, a riptide of gas is pouring out of my gas tank. I grab the pump and hurry to switch it off. Of course I get gas on my shoes, hands, and down the entire side of my car. Now I am completely freaked out that some spare spark is going to ignite my car in flames. J assures me that the car is safe to drive and I make it back to work stinking like gas for the rest of the day.

The moral of this story is to keep me as far away from your car as possible. I may be a liability and would hate to see your insurance rates skyrocket because of it.

Making Plans

It’s almost here, the time of year when the runners who live in the sun belt (otherwise know as Hades) start to base build for a fall half marathon (or marathon if you are much more hardcore than myself.) I have spent a lot of time deciding how much I want to race and where. So far my tentative plans are.

A Race:

Space Coast Marathon & Half- Marathon in Cocoa Beach.

Space Coast Marathon & Half-Marathon Cocoa Beach Florida

The expo is at Kennedy Space Center and the official snack is the moon pie. Plus there is a space-themed finishers medal. Last year was really awesome and would look great in my office.

Space Coast Half-Marathon 2011 Medal

So cool.

Miracle Miles 15K

This was my first (and only) 15K. It is a great distance and there are not enough of them. It also benefits the Alexander Center for Neonatology at the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. If I can help babies and run a really fun race, count me in.

So there you have the two races that I am definitely going to run in the fall. I may toss in a few 5K’s (maybe not if my quest to a sub-30 does not pan out but who knows) and a 10K. I would also like to try a short trail race if I can find one in the area.

Do you have your fall racing schedule planned out? Am I missing out on any really awesome races?

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