The Best New TV Show For Fall

This post will contain a few things that I hold dear including fall TV, free stuff, and cats.

The number one show I am looking forward to this fall is Revolution which is premiering September 17 on NBC. This show is getting lots of Hunger Games comparisons (dystopian storyline and a heroine with a bow) but who cares because The Hunger Games is really good. Please watch the trailer if you have not seen it and I know you will be as excited for this show as I am.

Awesome right?

I was lucky to receive all this free stuff in the mail this week. As a long time BzzAgent , I have gotten lots of cool items over the years.

CoverGirl Plus Olay BzzAgent Kit

I received a CoverGirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation.

CoverGirl plus Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Base

I was also sent a pressed powder.

CoverGirl And Olay Pressed Powder

Of course, if I am doing anything anywhere in the house a cat pops up. So curious and so in the way.

Tail The Cat In The Way

A few weeks ago I tweeted a picture of baked garlic squash.

Garlic Squash

Followed by a Twitter exchange with GE.

@ That looks fantastic, Dina! Do you enjoy making healthy meals?
General Electric

Then they sent me a basketball.

Spalding Basketball

I know nothing about basketballs but J assures me it is a nice one.

GE Healthy Share

GE recently launched HealthyShare which allows people to set health goals and share them with friends on Facebook. They have different apps on the site where you can track sleep, diet, and your moods. As someone who takes my health seriously, it is nice to see a place where people can get inspiration and motivation to create healthy habits.

Do you have a fall TV show that you are looking forward to?

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