Half Marathon Training Week One

As summer comes to a close (most places but obviously not in Florida) runners all over the country start upping their mileage in preperation for a fall marathon or half marathon. I am trying a new half marathon trainng plan this year which is from Nike Running written by Coach Magness. The plan is geared towards those looking to PR in their upcoming half marathon.

Half Marathon Training Week One Nike Running

This week is all about base building and I every run was done at a conversational pace. Most of the runs were done on the treadmill because of the intense heat. The exceptions are Friday and Saturday. Friday I intended on running at the gym but couldn’t when I opened my gym bag and realized that I had everything I needed except my running shoes. Not sure why I did not realize that my bag was very light. Saturday was fairly miserable in the last two miles. I wanted to quit and call it every two minutes but forced myself to continue.

Plan Mileage: 22 Miles

Actual Mileage: 21.2 Miles

Strength Training: Two days of full body strength training from the New Rules Of Lifting For Women. (I have four more workouts left in Stage One and cannot wait to move onto some new exercises.)

Cross Training: 0

As I start to get back into longer running, I am starting to think about what to eat before and after runs. I like to keep it quick and simple after my runs because I am typically hungry and ready to jump right into the shower.

I was recently contacted by The Hershey Company and they sent me information about the benefits of chocolate milk as a recovery drink. This is not news to me. I am not a huge milk drinker but can force myself to drink anything with chocolate in it. Besides deliciousness, chocolate milk has lots of benefits.

·         Carbohydrates to help refuel muscles

·         Protein to help rebuild and restore muscle protein

·         Fluid and electrolytes to rehydrate and replenish what is lost in sweat

·         Vitamins and minerals to help build and maintain strong bones

So quick and easy to have 8 oz. low-fat (1%) milk + 2 Tbsp. HERSHEY’S® Lite Syrup with 50% less sugar and only 150 calories per serving. Quick and tasty recovery drink that’s good for you.

Are you training for anything?

What’s your favorite recovery drink?

I was contacted by The Hershey Company to share the benefits of chocolate milk. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. 

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week One

  1. Dina–

    What race are you training for? I’m running the Wine and Dine half in November and am thinking about a small full in SC in December.

    Good luck with your race! And way to tough out your run on Saturday in the heat!

    • Thanks! The heat has been brutal lately.

      I want to run the Space Coast Half but may have other plans that weekend. If I can’t run that one, will plan on running Orlando (OUC) Half in December.

      I have never run any Disney races and really should get on that.
      Dina recently posted..Half Marathon Training Week OneMy Profile

  2. Running the Atlantic City Half Marathon in October. Just ran 10 miles yesterday. 10 hot miles. Still waiting for those fall temps to hit the Mid-Atlantic! I had a great chocolate milk experience, until I realized I’m allergic to milk. :-/ I knew I had an issue with ice cream, but didn’t realize it now extended to milk. I actually have no post-run drink/meal as a go-to. I really should now that I’m getting into those higher mile runs again.
    Chris recently posted..10 Mile RunMy Profile

    • Ten miles in the heat is pretty bad ass! I have spent most of this summer running inside because I am a wimp (and Florida heat and humidity is not a joke!)

      The longer the run, the more you have to think about pre/post run food. Everyone is so different that it can be such trial and error.

      Good luck with your training!
      Dina recently posted..Half Marathon Training Week OneMy Profile

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