My Attempt At Fashion

Have you ever had one of those days where you hate everything you have in your closet and cannot find anything to wear?

I have been on a mission to take the time to actually build a wardrobe and have needed to do so for years. So many things have stopped me including lack of funds and massive dislike of shopping. Often times money that could easily have gone to clothes shopping was spent in other ways (running shoes, make-up, and books for example.) I thought documenting my purchases would help me put the effort in.

Having limited funds (and patience who are we kidding?), I decided to start stalking a few fashion blogs that can help people like me who are not sure if things match. (A few that I have found to be really helpful are:

Putting Me Together

The Vivienne Files

Wardrobe Oxygen


I took some Christmas money and forced myself to shop a few sales recently.

Purchased online for 40% off from Banana Republic.

Banana Republic Sateen Fitted Non-Iron Shirt

Non-Iron Fitted Sateen Shirt in White

Banana Republic Fitted non-iron multi-stripe shirt

Fitted Non-Iron Multi-Stripe Shirt

(Purchased in cranberry as shown and blue)


Gap Fitted boyfriend mini-stripe shirt

Fitted Boyfriend Mini-Stripe Shirt

Gap 1969 Sexy Boot Jeans

1969 Sexy Boot Jeans

A very small start but I am so glad to finally have a decent white button down. At 31, it is time.

Do you like to shop or completely clueless like me?

Please send your fashion blog recommendations my way.

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