Gasparilla Distance Classic 2013 Expo

This year I had company at the 8 On Your Side Health And Fitness Expo. I drove to Tampa early to pick-up my bib and planned on spending the day with my Mom. Packet pick-up was completely painless with no lines.

Gasparilla 2013 Expo Packet Pick-up

It’s hard to see in the picture but the race bibs were very fancy this year. With a QR Code that you could scan after the race to view your time.

Gasparilla 2013 Race Bib

I did a little shopping at the expo, picking-up a few Bondi Band’s. Sweating as much as I do and living in Florida, I need to have one of these every time I run or workout in the gym.

The shirts did not disappoint. Even though I rarely need long sleeves in Florida, the Gasparilla shirts are race shirts you can actually run in.

Gasparilla 2013 Race Shirt

I will never have enough reusable shopping bags. (Especially not ones with a pirate on it.)

Gasparilla 2013 Shopping Bag

Gasparill Expo 2013 Signs

After parting with my money, we needed food. This ended up taking much longer than normal because anyone on Tampa city water was under a boil water notice because of a power outage at a treatment facility. Of course, where my Mom lives was included plus all of the restaurants near by. Luckily, we stumbled on Burger 21 which has water supplied by the county. I was finally able to put some food in my face. Burger 21 was awesome and I cannot wait to eat at the newly opened Millenia Mall location in Orlando with J.

So food and packet pick-up taken care of, we had time to kill until my self-imposed 8 PM curfew.  We saw Beautiful Creatures.

Beautiful Creatures Movie Poster


This was my second time seeing it and it might have been better the second time around. I am a major fan of these books and if you like your Young Adult books dark and Southern, you should read them.

After the movie it was time to turn in for my 3:30 AM wake-up call. Then the fun really begins.

4 thoughts on “Gasparilla Distance Classic 2013 Expo

    • All races need that QR code, it is really ingenious. They should also add one that tells me where I parked after the race but that is a whole other story. :)

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