Making Plans

It’s almost here, the time of year when the runners who live in the sun belt (otherwise know as Hades) start to base build for a fall half marathon (or marathon if you are much more hardcore than myself.) I have spent a lot of time deciding how much I want to race and where. So far my tentative plans are.

A Race:

Space Coast Marathon & Half- Marathon in Cocoa Beach.

Space Coast Marathon & Half-Marathon Cocoa Beach Florida

The expo is at Kennedy Space Center and the official snack is the moon pie. Plus there is a space-themed finishers medal. Last year was really awesome and would look great in my office.

Space Coast Half-Marathon 2011 Medal

So cool.

Miracle Miles 15K

This was my first (and only) 15K. It is a great distance and there are not enough of them. It also benefits the Alexander Center for Neonatology at the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. If I can help babies and run a really fun race, count me in.

So there you have the two races that I am definitely going to run in the fall. I may toss in a few 5K’s (maybe not if my quest to a sub-30 does not pan out but who knows) and a 10K. I would also like to try a short trail race if I can find one in the area.

Do you have your fall racing schedule planned out? Am I missing out on any really awesome races?

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Miracle Miles 15K Race Report

First, I want to thank everyone for their really supportive comments on my Fears and My First 15K post. It really helped me calm down to read such encouraging comments.

Race day morning started like many others, waking up at the crack of dawn and trying to keep my eyes open. Living in the middle of nowhere (between Orlando and Tampa), I have to get up extra early for Orlando races because it can take me 45 minutes to an hour to drive there. So I coffee’d, ate, and looked at the internet while trying to wake myself up.

Getting into Orlando and finding the parking garage was actually uneventful which is amazing because I get lost places I have been to many times and with a GPS. After waiting forever in line for the worlds most disgusting Porto-Potty, I actually found one of the Orlando Bloggers who I knew would be at the race, Carolina from Peas In A Blog. It was so nice to actually know someone at the race.

Miracle Miles is a race for a great cause. It benefits the Alexander Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. It was really cute how many babies were in attendance. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.


I started the race with a plan to do 6:1 run/walk intervals. This race being my farthest run and knowing that it was going to be a scorcher, that seemed to be a reasonable plan. My legs felt fine until around mile seven where I started to get a little crampy. At that point, I slowed the intervals to 4:1 and eventually 3:1. Maybe if I had started with the 4:1 intervals at the start, I would not have experienced the cramping but hindsight is 20/20.

I did have two Cliff Shot Gels one at mile five and the other around mile seven.This is the first time I tried to open one on the run, big mistake. This should be practiced because I had a hard time getting them open. I ended up ripping into them with my teeth. I am undecided about a fuel source for my half. On my next few long runs, I really need to try a few more products and make a decision. Any recommendations will be highly welcome.

I ended the race with a chip time of 2 hours and 20 seconds. It was actually faster than I thought I would be, so I will take it.


Overall, the course was interesting. I loved running through Downtown Orlando and getting to see the different neighborhoods that surround it. I would have appreciated a downhill, rather than an uphill at the end, but I still had a great time. This race really cemented my desire to run a half and now I am even more excited.

I did not take any pictures at the race but did make J take this picture of me at home with my first medal. Yes, it looks like a mug shot and it is before I showered but I am still proud.

Miracle Miles 15K Medal

Any recommendations on fuel?

Have you ever run a 15K? How do you feel about the distance?

Fears And My First 15K

My first long race is tomorrow and I am nervous! I feel prepared (enough) but anything new can be scary. I thought it would be fun to look back at my first race in January 2011 and remember how freaked out I was.

I wrote about my fears, the night before that first 5K. It was pretty standard fare, falling, feeling foolish, being last, and not being able to finish. Pretty similar to how I feel about the upcoming race. Then there were also the fears of the logistics, not knowing where to line up, hoping my D-Tag was on correctly, do I drink the water at the water stops, and assorted other issues that you eventually learn the answers to. (Can you tell that I am a worrier? It might actually be more frantic in my head than I am able to share here.)

Luckily, I loved the race and it made me want to keep running. Finishing that race, even though my time was slow and I walked some of it, was euphoric. I hope that tomorrow’s Miracle Miles will be similar, euphoria and pride for finishing (plus a personal distance record).

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How do you feel the night before a race?

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Half Marathon Training Week Seven In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: One Hour Yoga. One Hour Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 2.38 Miles

Wednesday: 30 Minutes on the Elliptical

Thursday: 2.94 Miles

Friday: 2.23 Miles (First lunch time run!)

Saturday: 4.09 Miles

Total Miles: 11.64 Miles

Goal Miles: 20 Miles

Thoughts: I want to change my training plan. I am not making the weekly mileage and I really do not want to run more than four days per week. Consistently not making my weekly mileage is not helping my confidence for the Half.

Looking through my running books, my new plan will have longer long runs and shorter easy runs. I think this will be more manageable.

I did attend another Sunday Yoga class and am still enjoying it. I think Sunday after my long run is the perfect time and my legs are feeling great.

Week 8

Sunday: Yoga 90 Minutes

Monday: 30 Minutes on the Elliptical

Tuesday: Run for 45 Minutes Easy Pace

Wednesday: Full body strength

Thursday: Run for 45 Minutes Easy Pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Miracle Miles 15K! (Will be my first race longer than a 5K and the longest distance I have ever run.) Will be treating this race as a long run and enjoying myself.


How is your training going? Am I crazy switching plans halfway through training?

Half Marathon Training Week Five In Review

To view my previous weeks of training, please see my workouts page.

Sunday: 2.8 mile tempo run.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and No More Trouble Zone for 40 minutes.

Wednesday: 4.27 miles easy

Thursday: Rest (I had a Young Dems social meeting right after work.)

Friday: 3.35 miles easy

Saturday: 5.44 miles long and slow

Goal Miles: 17

Actual Miles: 15.86

Thoughts:  Tempo runs are hard. That run did not go well for me and I was all over the place pace wise. I think this weeks attempt, needs to be done in much cooler weather. Hopefully, this will be a much more positive experience. I am starting to get really nervous about the 15K on September 24th. This weeks long run of 5.44 miles is the longest run I have done in six months and I have never made it to double digits. What if a 15K is too ambitious?

Plan For Week Six

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 3.14 miles

Mileage Goal: 17

Strength Training Goal: Two full body workouts


Tail would like to know how your workouts went this week?

Ever start to get nervous before a race?

August In Review

August could not have ended on a more perfect run. It rained all day yesterday and I was able to get out right after the storms passed. The humidity was moderate (for Florida) and the weather had cooled off significantly. My legs felt great and for the first time in a long time, I felt like my training was actually paying off. I felt strong and powerful. It just goes to show, that just when you are starting to freak out (like over an upcoming 15K), one good run can put you right back on track.

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August was my first month of Half Marathon training. I have been under my goal mileage every week but I feel mostly on track. The training specifics can be found on my Workouts page.

My monthly mileage was my highest month ever.


My most commented on post in August, and one that I had so much fun writing, is the 30 Before 30 list. I am turning 30 at the end of September, feeling kind of depressed about it and want the experience to be a positive one. I have a few updates coming up, so stay tuned.

My favorite restaurant experience in August was finally eating at The Ravenous Pig. It was just amazing and I cannot wait to go again.

Ravenous Pig 011

Ravenous Pig 016

I ran The Celebration of Running 5K this month. It was fun but really hot.



As you can see above, I also learned how awesome I look after crossing the finish line.

How was your August? Did you reach your goals?

15K and a dilemma

I was perusing the event calendar for my local running store (The Track Shack) when I spotted a 15K. The races in my area are dominated by 5K’s and I want to branch out, try something new so this race really spoke to me.

So far in my running I have been cautious. I do not want to get injured, or push myself further than a beginner should, so I have played it safe.

Jeff Galloway recommends runners not start doing any speed training until they have run one year and done six weeks of hills. That seemed reasonable, so my plan has been to start adding hills one day per week, continue running three days a week with a long run on the weekend where I slowly add mileage. The next phase after the six-weeks of hills, was to start training for my first half on November 20th.

My goal was/is to run the Women’s Half-Marathon in St. Pete on November 20th.

Here’s the dilemma, can a beginner do both of these races?

I looked around a little and found a beginners training plan for the 15K from Hal Higdon that seems doable. The half is 8 weeks after the 15K. Is that to close together? I think with the race distances being similar in distance, that it seems like it can work.

Do you have any advice for me? Any training plan recommendations?

Bar Louie and the return of J

J was in LA last week for E3. It was nice to have the house to myself but I missed him. (Not as much as the cats who spent nearly the entire week sleeping and moping around.) It just goes to show, I am only second best to those cats to J. He came back yesterday morning and we were able to have a nice evening on Saturday.

We went to Bar Louie in Dr. Phillips for a casual dinner before a movie.

J had the Buffalo Style Crispy Calamari for an appetizer. He thought it was different and he really liked it. 

We split chips with guacamole, salsa, and queso.

I had the Grilled Veggie Wrap. It was huge and I only could eat half but it will be good for lunch today.

J had The Luigi which is shaved ribeye, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and olive oil.

We had a good time even though some of us needed more prompting than others. Smile for the camera J.

After dinner we went to see Super 8 on the IMAX at Pointe Orlando. It was a great movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Does your city have upside down buildings? Orlando does.

I also spotted police officers on horse back give someone (in a car) a ticket.

Now I need to head out the door for some grocery shopping. Stay tuned for my next post on running my first 15K. I am working on putting together a training plan (the race is the end of September) but have never raced anything longer than a 5K so I’m nervous/excited.

What did you do on Saturday?