Walt Disney World Food And Wine Festival 2011

J and I picked the worst day for the Food and Wine Festival. Not only was it cold and windy (for Florida) but it was packed. We have annual passes and go to Epcot regularly, I have never seen this many people there ever.

Disney Food and Wine Festival

Disney Food and Wine Festival Sign

We made do and decided that drinking lots of beer would be the best way to warm up.

Disney Food and Wine Beer

In Canada we had Cheddar Cheese Soup and Moosehead Beer. That soup never fails to impress. If you are in Epcot, I highly recommend eating at Le Cellier.

Disney Food and Wine Canada Soup and Beer

They had a cranberry bog which was new this year. It kind of reminded me of home, we have a lot of these in New England.

Cranberry Bog

Cranberry Bog Food and Wine Festival

I asked J if he would take a picture of me because I am never in any of our pictures.

The first was taken before I realized he was taking one. He found this hilarious.


Next one was fine.

DinaRuns 2

Look how windy it is.

DinaRuns 3

My favorite beer of the day was the Kona Pipeline.

Kona Pipeline Beer

The description from their website:

Pipeline Porter is smooth and dark with a distinctive roasty aroma and earthy complexity from its diverse blends of premium malted barley. This celebration of malt unites with freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee grown at Cornwell Estate on Hawaii’s Big Island, lending a unique roasted aroma and flavor. A delicate blend of hops rounds out this palate-pleasing brew.

You could smell and taste the coffee flavor. This may be my new favorite beer.

Kona Pipeline Beers

Our last food stop was in America. We had the lobster roll, lobster claw, and the pumpkin moose. The beer is the Sam Adams brewed yearly for the Food and Wine Festival.

Lobster Sam Adams Pumpkin Mouse

I had to include my favorite view in all of Epcot.


This is a view from the bridge leading into France. It is also the spot where J proposed.

What’s your favorite beer?

Happy Hour

I actually did something on Friday after work other than putting on my pajamas, eating Subway, and catching up on TV with J. Being a year out for the 2012 Presidential Campaign, the ground work is being set-up, to start organizing. I met with one such organizer yesterday to discuss how I could help and get the Polk County Young Democrats involved.

We met at Ave Bar in Winter Haven.

Ave Bar Winter Haven Florida


Ave Bar is located next to Arabellas which is on my want to try restaurant list. I was surprised that it was so crowded. The place was packed!

I ordered a Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Beer

It was yummy.

I took a look at the menu.

Bistro Pizza Winter Haven Florida

It was pretty extensive and mostly Italian. Definitely worth a return visit for dinner.

I ordered the Caprese Salad. If I see this on a menu, I almost always order it. It contains all of my favorite things which are cheese, basil, and olive oil. (It was good minus the fact that I burned to roof of my mouth a few days ago shoveling a too hot burrito into it. So of course the acidic tomatoes and balsamic vinegar mixed with beer and an orange was burning! Oh well, I was hungry and thirsty so I took it like a champ.)

Ave Bar Carpese Salad Winter Haven Florida

I didn’t stay out too late. J was waiting for me with Subway, Chuck, and my pajamas.

Do you have a go to meal that you always order?

Cheese, Candy, And Beer

I had the most amazing Saturday. It started with a glorious run (many fun pictures taken with picplz which I am now obsessed with) and ended with pumpkin beer.

First,  we headed to The Cheese Shop on Park in Winter Park. We had a gift card from Christmas to spend.

Winter Park 010

Winter Park 008

If you love cheese and wine, I highly recommend The Cheese Shop. Not only are they the nicest people, they are super knowledgeable and the cheese is out of this world. Plus, they carry lots of great local products (jams, salad dressing, and hot sauces) plus gourmet honey and crackers.

Winter Park 004

Winter Park 005

Winter Park 007

Winter Park 006

We bought many different types of cheese but the one I am most excited about is Pecorino with truffles. I have an idea for a pasta dish that this cheese will taste amazing grated over.

We walked around the lovely Park Avenue for awhile. Admiring the sites and the cute storefronts.

Winter Park 003

Topiary dog!

Loved this display in the park for breast cancer awareness.

Winter Park 011

Winter Park 013

We finally made it to Sassafras Sweet Shoppe. J is literally a candy nut (for example, he might be the sole person in Polk County who buys out the Darrell Lea Licorice every week at Target.)

Winter Park 015

Such a cute store! Great mix of vintage candy and local products. We had a lot of fun looking around. Also, buying one item just for laughs. (J may have actually tried this but I will not be.)

Roast Beef Gum

Dinner time and I finally got to eat at Shipyard Emporium.


Pumpkin beer!

Pumpkin Beer


J Shipyard

We started with the trio of dips They were Buffalo Chicken, Roasted Pablano Artichoke Dip, and White Bean Hummus. Each one was delicious but the Buffalo Chicken was the most unique (hello real pieces of chicken.)

Winter Park 016

I had the BLT Flatbread. The sundried tomato combined with the bacon was smoky awesomeness.

Winter Park 018

J had the Lobster Flat Bread which he did not like as much. He felt the tarragon was overwhelming.

Winter Park 019

The beer menu was really cool and the desserts looked delicious. We will definitely be coming back to eat here again.

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday weekend?

Agree or disagree, pumpkin beer is the best beer ever?


Friday was an interesting day full of highs and lows.

Got my hair done. Please feel free to laugh at my awesome self-portrait skills and messy bed in the background.

Hair Done
Went to the dentist.

Had to leave work early for the dentist which meant leaving my two co-workers (who I like very much) with a huge stack of work and an impossible deadline set by one of the big bosses.

So when I got home I needed one of these. Purchased from Whole Foods brewed by Shmaltz Brewing Company.

Coney Island Beer

Also some Fringe.

Hit the hay early and ready for a nice run through Celebration today..