Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo 2012

I went to the expo on Saturday before the Gasparilla Half Marathon and of course, I got lost trying to park.

I had to call J to guide me through downtown Tampa because the roads were closed off due to the races on Saturday and my complete inability to find places I have never been. Even with a GPS and printed out directions, the Tampa Convention Center alluded me.

When I finally found the convention center, I planned on getting in and out quickly. Having zero income coming in has pretty much ended unnecessary purchases, so there was no point in torturing myself by looking around.

One thing I did find that is most likely unique to the Tampa Bay area, is that the Scientologists had been there and left their literature. In case you were unaware,  Clearwater is the mecca for this group and they are all over the Tampa Bay area. I have even seen them at craft shows with their e-meter’s looking for people to dupe.

I grabbed all the cards I saw so no one would go to one of these bogus sites.

Creepy Cult Cards

Creepy Cult Cards Again

Creepy, right?

Cult sightings aside, I got my bag, number, and shirt.

Gasparilla Distance Classic Tampa Bag

Gasparilla 2012 Half Marathon Shirt Tampa

The shirt is a nice Nike Dri-Fit. I only have one other long sleeve shirt because I live in Florida and they are rarely needed, so getting an additional one is great.

I did take a few pictures inside the expo, which was on the large size but mainly made up of all the booths you find at these things. ( I did see, and was recognized by, someone who I have purchased shoes from. Talking about you Fitniche.)

Cool wall of names that was difficult to photograph.

Names at Gasparilla 2012 Race Expo

I was able to make it out of downtown Tampa relatively unscathed. I found I-4 with relatively few wrong turns which may have been a miracle.

(Earlier that day, I did get some cute pictures of Tail sleeping. I have to share this one because I love pictures of cute cats almost as much as I love running.)

Sleepy Cat Peeking

My Week In Pictures

J and I have been sick this week. There has been a lot of coughing and sneezing plus some tons of tea and cough drops. Thankfully there is a ton of new TV on this week or I may have been bored out of my skull.

Not me but a reenactment of the week.

I feel sick


This happened while getting into my car this morning.

Broken Glasses

The glasses I need to drive, that I do not have a backup for.

I can't believe the drink stayed on the car bumper

This drink stayed on the bumper even when they drove over train tracks. Land Rovers have magic bumpers?

Tail jumped right into the dryer and laid down.

Cat In The Dryer_edited-1


Cat In The Dryer 2

Special delivery from England courtesy of my friend Dennis.

Crunchie Candy Bars

Crunchie! The most delicious candy bars in the whole world. Cannot wait to eat these.

How has your week been? Do you go stir crazy when you are sick?

A Day Of Rest

Lazy Saturdays might be the best kind. Today I slept in and did not do one ounce of anything that wasn’t relaxing.

I caught up on some TV. Hello Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, I love you but hate that I have to wait until January for new episodes.

I practiced with the fancy new camera.

Tail with High Pass Sharpen_edited-1

Spoon Rest



I used this tutorial on how to create custom user profiles. It was fun to play around with the different settings.

My running clothes are in the washer so I am less stinky for my race tomorrow. The Garmin and iPod Shuffle are charging. I should be ready and rested to race tomorrow.

Yesterdays comments proved that many of us have difficulty relaxing before races. It can be difficulty sleeping or just a stomach full of butterflies. I have no solution to this and everyday I get closer to my upcoming Half, the more nervous I get. Taking today to enjoy myself and be unproductive is definitely helping. Trusting that I did enough, worked hard, and am prepared to the best I can.

This did show up in my email today.

Women's Half Marathon St. Pete

Makes it much more real.

Namaste Bitches


Half Marathon Training Week 14 In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 2.51 Miles

Tuesday: Total Body Circuit Training with Jackie Warner 40 Minutes Full Body

Wednesday: Elliptical 30 Minutes

Thursday: 2.56 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday:Last speed session of training plan. 6 x 800 repeats total of 5.27 Miles.


Doing the Jackie Warner DVD proved how much more frequently I need to do  more strength workouts. This DVD had gotten a bit easier but I am finding it challenging again. My training is winding down and as I write this I have nine days until my first Half. I am excited, scared, and happy all at the same time. It is interesting when something you have worked so hard for and planned for so long, starts to become so real.


1. On Sunday, 11/13, I am running my last long training run in the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founder’s Day 10K. I am looking forward to this race because Celebration is one of my favorite places.

2. Relax and not stress about the upcoming Half. It is going to be fun and I know I will finish.

3. Sleep, eat, and stay hydrated all week.

J caught Tail doing this to the TV during Monday night football.

How do you stay relaxed the last week before a big race?

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend has been insanely busy but really great. I took Friday off and ran 12 miles, it was my furthest run yet. I did much better fueling than I did on my ten mile run and feel fairly confident that I found something that will work for my Half. This run was around a local park that allowed me to access water fountains so I was able to refill my fuel belt. I needed the extra water and will keep this in mind as my distance increases.


This month might not have been my highest mileage month but I am proud of my progress.

On Saturday and Sunday, I was lucky to be able to attend the Florida Democratic Convention.


I learned a lot and always enjoy being surrounded by other political junkies. It was held at Disneyworld’s Contemporary Hotel and Conference Center. Parking was limited which forced those not staying at the hotel to park at the transportation center and take the monorail to the hotel. On Saturday, I inadvertently got on the one monorail that only goes to Epcot. I had to get off that monorail and board the next monorail which went back to where I started. Finally, I found the right monorail but I had sadly missed Alan Grayson and the newly founded Florida Progressive Caucus meeting. I need to pay more attention to where I am going. (I was able to find my car after only one loop of the parking lot on Saturday. I think I came out ahead.)



So minus that one snafu, everything else went smoothly and I feel re-energized to hit the ground running for the upcoming year plus of campaigning.

The Convention was over by the afternoon, so I was able to come back home and practice more with my new camera by chasing my cats around until they do something cute.

Cat in drawer

(Please ignore my laundry on floor. Also, Alia is judging you.)

J went to see Guns N’Roses at the Amway Arena on Friday. He broke out this old t-shirt for it. I wish I could have gone but had to get up so early to go to the convention.


Did you have a good weekend?


Some days it can be hard to get moving.

Tail Edited

Some days people take scary close up pictures of your face. (After they wake you up from your 45th nap of the day)


I workout after work most days and sometimes it is hard to get my butt in gear. There is cheesy TV to watch (The Lying Game) or countless hours of internet to look at.

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and love looking at the motivating pins on the different boards. These are a few that I particularly like.

You can put this on your couch and will have to look at it while you eat cheese from a can.

Source: via Dina on Pinterest


For when you have a training run that is just a little longer than you want to go.

Source: via Dina on Pinterest


Sometimes things are just hilarious.

Source: via Dina on Pinterest


How do you stay motivated?

Are you obsessed with Pinterest like I am?

Isn’t The Lying Game an awesome show?

Why My Cats Are Cuter Than Yours

If you have been around here for awhile, you may have noticed that I love my cats.



Even if I am certain they are up to something.

Hypno Cats

If you have a cat that you think is cuter than one of mine (doubt it) or you would just like them featured here, please send me an email to The internet needs more cat pictures and I will be the one to provide them.

Back to the reason why you actually read this site. Running.

I actually woke up early enough to get out of bad before it reached one million degrees.


I will count this as my last entry into the Hotter Than Hades Virtual Half Marathon that I ran in 45 runs. Fingers crossed that I win a prize.

Now I am off to Tampa to visit with my Mom, Brother, and Nephew. Stay tuned for an explosion of food reviews with the two places that J and I are eating tonight.

Long Slow Sunday

I finally got to run today! This week has been crazy with the Central Florida Bloggers Conference, rain, and a meeting on Monday, I have gotten off track. Today I was able to push past the 3.5 mile distance that has been plaguing me from the last time I was sick.

Red faced and stinky but still smiling!



In other news, J and I think our cats may be plotting something.

Hypno Cats

We did get them a new cat tree which was spendy and a pain to put together. Of course, they are barely interested in it.


Alia checking it out.


One more thing to make this post the most random of all time. Publix is finally carrying BPA free beans.


I could only find them in the Kidney variety but still it is progress.

Now we are off to see to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. I am really excited but kind of sad because I really love the books and the movies.

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow (Otherwise known as Sunday)

Today started out as most Sundays do with breakfast, meal planning, coupon clipping, and grocery shopping.

After the grocery store, I did a workout from the Nike Training Club app. called Mean Machine. It was 45 minutes of very mean, very intense sweating. It had a good balance of cardio and weights. The app has a ton of variety to it and it’s free, so really there is no harm in downloading it.

Mean Machine made my stomach start growling. I had half of a Santa Fe Chicken Wrap (guiltless grill style) from our dinner at Chili’s last night. It was pretty good but huge.

05 15 11_0325

I also had some Greek yogurt with blueberries and wheat germ.

05 15 11_0326
05 15 11_0327

Now it is time for laundry and some house tidying. I will leave you with some cute cat pictures because what else can cure the Sunday blues besides some cute cats?

05 13 11_0311 05 13 11_0312
03 26 11_0110 03 26 11_0115

Mental Health Friday

I took the day off of work today to only do things that I enjoy. Work has been stressful the past few months and I needed a day of TV watching and blog reading.

I started the day by running a few errands and then went to my favorite place in town.

I love the library.

I also saw the Google Maps Street View Car driving through my neighborhood.


Then it was time for lunch. Ezekiel bread with organic peanut butter and cinnamon with a side of corn/avocado/green onions with lime.

05 13 11_0314

Alia wanted some too.

05 13 11_0316

Now it’s time to catch up on some TV, so my TiVo can stop threatening all my shows with deletion.