The Best New TV Show For Fall

This post will contain a few things that I hold dear including fall TV, free stuff, and cats.

The number one show I am looking forward to this fall is Revolution which is premiering September 17 on NBC. This show is getting lots of Hunger Games comparisons (dystopian storyline and a heroine with a bow) but who cares because The Hunger Games is really good. Please watch the trailer if you have not seen it and I know you will be as excited for this show as I am.

Awesome right?

I was lucky to receive all this free stuff in the mail this week. As a long time BzzAgent , I have gotten lots of cool items over the years.

CoverGirl Plus Olay BzzAgent Kit

I received a CoverGirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation.

CoverGirl plus Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Base

I was also sent a pressed powder.

CoverGirl And Olay Pressed Powder

Of course, if I am doing anything anywhere in the house a cat pops up. So curious and so in the way.

Tail The Cat In The Way

A few weeks ago I tweeted a picture of baked garlic squash.

Garlic Squash

Followed by a Twitter exchange with GE.

@ That looks fantastic, Dina! Do you enjoy making healthy meals?
General Electric

Then they sent me a basketball.

Spalding Basketball

I know nothing about basketballs but J assures me it is a nice one.

GE Healthy Share

GE recently launched HealthyShare which allows people to set health goals and share them with friends on Facebook. They have different apps on the site where you can track sleep, diet, and your moods. As someone who takes my health seriously, it is nice to see a place where people can get inspiration and motivation to create healthy habits.

Do you have a fall TV show that you are looking forward to?

Caturday #2

Hope you are enjoying your Caturday! I am recovering from the Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K by ingesting lots of coffee and bagels. I also find that many cute cat pictures help with tired legs.

Tail is a strange sleeper. He often has one of his front legs straight in front of him as he sleeps. J and I call it the Super Tail.

Tail The Cat Arm

This is a great spot because you can see the great room and kitchen from this perch. No one is getting by Tail the Stalker.

I like to have my phone with me when I am walking around the house. You never know where you might catch a cat sleeping.

Cat Sleeping In The Closest

Neither cat is immune to making sure there is cat hair on all of our clothes and towels.

Cat In Dresser

Hope you are having a great weekend!


I take so many pictures of my cats that if cats ever go extinct, there are enough pictures on my hard drive to document to all of humanity how they existed.

I give you Tail who is super cute but a huge jerk. (I can just see him defending himself in this picture. Claiming his utter lack of jerkiness.)

Cute Cat Sleeping In Bed

He will only sleep at the highest point of any room or facing a door so he can see (and control) who enters or exits. He is a control freak cat who needs to know everything that is going on in his universe (otherwise known as our house.)

Alia is quieter. She spends most of her time hiding or running from Tail. If you asked her if Tail should leave, she would emphatically say yes. (Doesn’t she look so serious? I always imagine if she could speak, she would have an upper-crust British accent.)

Alia The Cat Staring

Tail is very photogenic. (Maybe vain is the right word?) He always looks so peaceful and calm in pictures but really is demonic on the inside.

Tail the Cute Cat 52

J and I hope you have a very Happy Caturday!

Goals Update

I am slowly inching towards the goals I set at the beginning of this year plus adding a few new ones along the way.

Read 100 books.

My reading challenge is coming along. I am so happy that my new job gives me some down time to read while at work.

2012 Reading Challenge

Turn the Polk County Young Democrats into a thriving and active club.

The clubs first fundraiser is happening next weekend and I am hoping for a decent turnout. It is a bowling fundraiser called A Strike For Democracy and if we get the turnout I am hoping for, we should have enough funds to start a website.

Election 2012 Haines City Office

Learn more about photography and photo editing.

I am reading lots of books on photography and following many photography blogs. I need to practice more but am starting to feel more comfortable with the camera.

Increasing my weight training.

I just finished a four-week weight training cycle with a friend from work who goes to the same gym. It is really great working out with someone who is very comfortable with weight training. My knowledge and comfort level with the machines and free-weights have gone up exponentially. Sticking to a plan and lifting heavier than I had been is giving me noticeable strength gains and more muscle definition.

A sub-30 minute 5K.

Have you been reading here awhile? This goal has haunted me all summer. I am so close but have yet to reach it. I know I need to push myself more when I’m racing but it really is hard. I’m afraid of not being able to finish or of getting a cramp if I run faster. I have a tendency to play it safe and stay comfortable. I know this will not work if I want to get faster. This goal is a work in progress and I may be struggling with it for the rest of 2012.

Get the house organized.

I have not talked about this but about a month ago when Florida was getting pounded by some torrential downpours, we noticed that cracks in our stucco was letting water into the house. It is mainly on one side, of course it is the side with our two offices and the master bathroom, and we had to move all of the furniture out of those two rooms and have the house inspected. One month later, I have all kinds of office furniture strewn about my great room and J and I are relegated to laptops on the dinning room table. The work on the house should be starting in the next few weeks and we have vowed after that to tackle the offices. There is nothing like living in an obstacle course of furniture to light a fire under your ass. I will say the cats love this new arrangement because there are new sleeping spaces and countless places to hide.

Tail Cute Cat Begging For Treats

Get a new wardrobe.

I have never been good a dressing myself. Shopping stresses me out and I have no idea what looks good together. I want to make more of an effort, so I started to follow some everyday style blogs and put together a Pinterest board of realistic clothes. Obviously, money is a limiting factor but I really need to learn how to put together simple, classic, and relatively inexpensive outfits together. Any suggestions for great blogs or stores would be greatly appreciated.

How are your 2012 goals coming?

My First Week Back To Work

This might sound crazy, but I am actually glad to be back to work.

I'm shocked cat


Don’t get me wrong, two months of sleeping late and watching more TV than normal was nice. It turns out I actually like leaving my house everyday and having an income. Having people other than cats to talk to during the day is also nice.

Tail The Cute Cat And All Of His Toys

(It is true that my house is full of nothing but cat furniture and toys.)

I am slowly getting adjusted to being on a regular schedule again. It will probably take a few weeks until I am completely acclimated into being around people in actual pants but I am getting there.

My first week was all over the place workout-wise.

Workouts First Week Back To Work

My running is way down but I did at least get one full body strength training session in. ( I did Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training.) It also demonstrated how much more frequently I need to strength train because the abs circuits nearly killed me. (I may have been swearing and had a cat staring at me like I was a crazy person.)

I joined a gym for the first time in a few years. It is halfway between work and home. The location is perfect because I have to drive by it to get to work. My plan is to get my easy and speed/tempo runs done on the treadmill before work. It is getting to that point in the year where the oppressive heat and humidity of Florida is wrecking my runs. I think the gym is the best solution to keep my mileage up. Plus, how can I skip going when I have to drive by the place twice a day?

I have no races in the near future and this is the first time in six months where I am not on a training plan. To keep my motivation going, I plan on running four days a week (two easy, one speed/tempo, and one long run) and doing strength training twice a week. The new gym offers Les Mills classes, so I want to give those a shot and see if I like any of them. I want to try spinning but do feel a bit intimidated by it. (I am scouring the internet for spinning for dummies type articles. My best bet is to tell the instructor I am new and have them help me get set-up.)

I did get my biopsy results back and I do not have cancer.

Liz Lemon High Fiving A Million Angels


Valentine’s Day Part One

I expected a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day this year because J and I are trying not to spend money until I get back to work. So I was surprised to see a gift left on the kitchen counter yesterday morning.

Cute Cat Valentines Day Card

Not sure if you knew but I love cute pictures of cats. A kitten in a bag may be the perfect card.

Breaking Dawn Part One Special Edition DVD

Then there was this. I actually mentioned the night before how I wanted to pick this up to watch over the weekend.

The card also mentioned dinner reservations for Chalet Suzanne for Saturday. We have both wanted to eat there for years but never gotten around to it. I am so excited and have already stated to plan out my meal. (Herb Butter Lump Crab probably.)

Tail was staring at me while I was reading the card. He did not seem impressed.

Tail The Cat

I gave J a card and made chocolate chip cookies. That may have been a mistake because now I am in the house alone with a huge plate of cookies and it smells like them everywhere.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used this recipe from The Joy of Baking. I have baked these before and they always come out great. If you are interested in a crispy, sweet chocolate chip, I definitely recommend it.

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day?

Ch Ch Ch Changes

There are things I am good at like taking way too many pictures of my cats.

Cute Cat On Couch

Cat with blue eyes staring

(I take so many that J said that if there is ever a nuclear holocaust and a thousand years later aliens land and begin to rebuild, that they will find my hard drive and think Tail was some kind of deity.)

There are things I am bad at like actually strength training. I plan on doing it all the time but when push comes to shove, it often gets skipped. I can tell the difference because I am losing definition and feel weaker.



So here is what I am going to do about it. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones twice a week.



I have had this DVD for a while but stopped using it because it is hard and it was difficult to fit 40 minutes of strength training in. While I am in job seeking mode, I have the time to do this without it impacting my running. My challenge, to myself if I choose to accept it, is to do this DVD twice a week for the next two months.

Ever stop a workout because it felt too hard? What workouts do you tend to skip?

American Horror Story Is The Most Screwed Up Show On TV And I Like It

A few thoughts on this lovely Thursday which I took off from work.

1. American Horror Story. If you ever find yourself giving birth in an old house, aided by a ghost doctor and nurses, while your dead daughter watches, run. When the Anti-Christ is finished tearing its way out of you, your crazy neighbor takes the baby to clean it up and is confronted by your husbands dead mistress, you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore. So wrong, yet so good.

2. I finally downloaded a few free Photoshop actions. These actions can be found here courtesy of Pioneer Woman. I have no clue what I am doing but it is fun.


Alia Cat Before


Alia Lovely Ethereal Boost Cat


Dennis and Mom


Dennis and Mom Soft Fade

3. I am a huge Howard Stern fan. I listen everyday and we have Howard TV at home. Today he announced that he will be a judge on America’s Got Talent. This news is still sinking in but I do hope that this will let a larger audience see that Howard is more than a crass, shock jock. I do not currently watch America’s Got Talent but will tune in to see Howard.

We’ve Been Infested

Today I came home from a long day at the coal mine to this.

Messy Kitchen

Plus this.

Messy Kitchen 2

I planned on doing some speedwork but all this mess was caused by Rice Weevils. J found them in a bag of rice that was pushed to the back of the pantry. So we had to go through each and every item of food and throw away anything suspect. This took almost two hours.

All this kitchen activity did bring out two lurkers.

Cat on top of cabinets

Suprised Cat

(Please ignore how half of my house is not painted, that is a rant for another time.)

One good thing did come out of this, besides forcing me to clean out my pantry, I found some beer I forgot I had.

Coney Island Albino Python

Coney Island Albino Python that I need to drink after finding out there are bugs in my house.

Please let me be a cautionary tale, rotate your pantry or you will have to spend your evening throwing out food you paid good money for and having your cats mock you.

Like Herding Cats

I have had better days than today. Work was like being body slammed repeatedly by a wrestler but for practically no money.

I did get a run in before a Skype meeting. The run was quick, short, and sweaty. The meeting was productive and nothing like herding cats. Although it may be because I am turning 30 in a month but trying to add someone to the Skype call was perplexing. Next time, I hope to know what I am doing before I host a Skype meeting.

One thing that made me smile today is that Sarah, who writes over at Running is a Life, sent me the cutest cat pictures. No day can ever be so bad that looking at cute pictures doesn’t solve.

This little guy is Ziva and she is seven weeks old.


This is Kubbi. She carries the teddy bear around with her.


Thank you for sending me such cute pictures!

How was your day?