Valentine’s Day Part Two

On Saturday, J and I finally made it to Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales. We have been meaning to eat there for years but never managed to. Chalet Suzanne has a fascinating history and has been around since 1931 which is incredible in Florida.

To get to the restaurant, you turn down a long drive that leads to this interesting collection of buildings (there is an Inn and Spa plus the dining rooms that make-up the property.)

Chalet Suzanne Exterior

Chalet Suzanne Exterior at night

We might be dorks but both felt that this door was very Hobbit-like.

Chalet Suzanne Yellow Door

Chaley Suzanne Lake Wales Historic Place

Walking into the restaurant, there are tons of antique accents.

Chalet Suzanne Interior

We would love to come back just to get a better look around.

J found this and thought it was hilarious.

Chalet Suzanne Florida

Each table setting was different and really pretty. I particularly liked mine.

Chalet Suzanne Vintage Plate

J started with the Caramelized Grapefruit and Organic Chicken Liver.

He loved it especially the chicken liver.

Then there was the Escargot Cappuccino.

So cute and delicate in a teacup with the puff pastry hanging over the edge. It had loads of garlic and the paring with the puff pastry was delicious.

J then had the famous Moon Soup (otherwise known as Romaine.)

They call it Moon Soup because it was taken on Apollo 15 to the moon in 1973.

This soup was a real standout and J loved it.

We both ordered salads but it started to get dark and the pictures for both came out awful. J had the Caesar and I had the Baby Blend with Citrus & Pear.

For entrees, J ordered the Maine Lobster Newburg. He had done some research into how Lobster Newburg is made and was really looking forward to trying it. (Some information about Lobster Newburg if you are curious like J.)

The waiter breaks up the contents in the bowl and puts it over the puff pastry. J loved this dish and would highly recommend it.

I had the crab cakes.

I prefer crab cakes served with tartar sauce but these were decent. If you like crab cakes, these definitely will do the trick.

We grabbed our desserts to go because the service was a bit on the slow side and we were both getting tired.

Overall, I liked Chalet Suzanne but found it to be a tad over priced. (J’s Ketel One martini’s were $18 each.) The atmosphere is really beautiful and romantic, so come early to walk around and take pictures. We are planning a return visit to try more of the interesting dishes on the menu.

Valentine’s Day Part One

I expected a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day this year because J and I are trying not to spend money until I get back to work. So I was surprised to see a gift left on the kitchen counter yesterday morning.

Cute Cat Valentines Day Card

Not sure if you knew but I love cute pictures of cats. A kitten in a bag may be the perfect card.

Breaking Dawn Part One Special Edition DVD

Then there was this. I actually mentioned the night before how I wanted to pick this up to watch over the weekend.

The card also mentioned dinner reservations for Chalet Suzanne for Saturday. We have both wanted to eat there for years but never gotten around to it. I am so excited and have already stated to plan out my meal. (Herb Butter Lump Crab probably.)

Tail was staring at me while I was reading the card. He did not seem impressed.

Tail The Cat

I gave J a card and made chocolate chip cookies. That may have been a mistake because now I am in the house alone with a huge plate of cookies and it smells like them everywhere.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used this recipe from The Joy of Baking. I have baked these before and they always come out great. If you are interested in a crispy, sweet chocolate chip, I definitely recommend it.

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day?